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April 27, 2013


Lisa W.

The sales in your area are really somethin' else ! I would have to look looong and hard for anything to match them around here. Wow ! I just can't get over the amount of good quality vintage items. It's great!


I think you live in estate sale paradise.

Kim Kenward

I agree. You do live in estate sale paradise. That boat is the perfect setting for your sailor. Great stuff. Definitely worth going back for round 2. I'll be talking about your post all the way to the antique market with my mom and sister this morning.


WOW!!! Your estate sales and our estate sales are nothing alike. You would be very discouraged if you came to the midwest because we just don't see stuff like you get. I would be giddy if I ever went to a sale like you show on here.


At least I can enjoy your finds through blogland. :o)

Kim Campbell

WOW!!! I love the colors on the sock darner. Mine is brown. I don't think I have eve seen one that colorful!


Your day two would have been a good day one for many people! I love your sailor with the boat. I wonder if the people who lived there had a thing for dixie cups?


I am floored at what you were able to dig up on the SECOND day. This haul is just as amazing as the first. I am kicking myself that I didn't make it out to any sales yesterday. There is one on 34th that sounded interesting so maybe I can find time today to take a shot at day 2.


There have been a few sales good enough to hit back up on the last day. I almost always do just as good as the first day and wonder why the heck I missed everything the first time I was there! My only reasoning is that sometimes a sale is just so good, I can get overwhelmed and easily overlook stuff. It's probably a good idea to go home and take a breather and hit it with fresh eyes!

Have a beautiful Sunday,



OH you make me want to go find an estate sale on the last day! LOVE all the cups and those Wink bottles!


Oh the boat is PERFECT for your sailor!! And I can hardly wait to see your Woman in the Shoe displayed on that stand... how amazing to find them both within days at two entirely different States? They will look incredible together! I just love looking at all your Estate Sale finds; what fun!


I would have gone back too! Love the pop bottles!

Janet Johnson

Oh that little sailor boy... just in time for Rose Festival. He's a cutie.
I can't wait to see how you use some of the stuff you bought this weekend.

Sheryl Remy

It is amazing that all of these things were still at the second day. You did very good. If my husband didn't want to stay in WI when we retire, I sure would love to live where you do. The sales are super.
You probably didn't want to hear that after all in sales it isn't always the more the merrier. So you're safe.
Ha. Ha. Sheryl

Rosemary watson

You find the best stuff! My daughter and her boyfriend maybe moving to washington state in the next year or so. While i'm extreemly sad that shes moving, i'm a wee bit excited to visit and go junking, thanks to your blog :)

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