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April 15, 2013



Sounds like the cabinet and hutch were meant to be for you!Bleak estate sales out there but you still managed to get some goodies... close by even LOL. That should be no surprise to anyone who reads your blog :-)
Glad you got your fix.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful day!


Those little cabinets are a score! I am looking forward to seeing them "Ethel-ized". Are they for the house or the studio?

Sheryl Remy

I love the bells especially the pastel pink in the corsage and the silver dipped in a corsage.


That hutch is so cute. Hope you show us the end result. Love the little plastic bells becasue of the unusual colors. After all that time in Texas you needed a vintage fix? Love it :>)

Janet Johnson

That little hutch begs to be painted. What color? I have a color in mind... I have a bet with myself that you will choose it. Let's see what you choose...

Peggy Jennings of Gramma's Linen Closet

I think the cabinet with the cross on the top is actually an aumbry. It's a small cabinet built into the wall of a church sacristy designed to hold consecrated bread and wine for Eucharist. In the US they are most commonly found in Episcopal churches. My guess is that this came from a church renovation or de-consecration of a church.
The fact that the cabinet had a lock in the door, plus the cross at the top makes me think this is its most likely history.

Kim Kenward

Darling hutch. It was definitely a good rescue. Those are so pricey at antique/flea markets now. Can't wait to see it with new paint and some decals. Definitely some fun rescues.


Love the new shelf and cabinet! You can never have too much storage (since you can never have too much "stuff" to put in them!) can you?

I am always amazed at what you find.

Into Vintage

I hope that little hutch takes away the sting of the one that was left behind in TX. :-) I can picture that cabinet with the cross on it filled with those little vintage Napcoware figurines of nuns playing sports...


Those corsages are divine.


Hi again! Wondering if you collect vintage wrapping paper? I just listed some on ebay and wasn't sure if it was worth anything and then thought of you since YOU COLLECT everything so I know you'd know?! It's cute stuff - wedding, birthday and a cute kitten one - check them out if you have time! Thanks!


Even on an off day you manage to find some goodies. I bet the prices make you happy to be back home.
How is the bathroom coming?

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I lot it when we say that we need something, and then it magically appears at the very next sale! Can't wait to see you makeover those little cabinets!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Ok, that was supposed to say "love it", not "lot it"!

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