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April 23, 2013



Super cute! I love it and how you improved it. Funny how things change-- toothbrushes for one. My dad has an old cup and toothbrush holder mounted to his bathroom wall and the last few years toothbrushes don't fit just like you said. I should tell him to put flowers in it!

Janet Johnson


shirley hatfield

I was going to say that you didn't mention how the lid came into the story...but then...I read the collection challenge post and all became clear...lol! You do have the cutest cabinet I've ever seen. =D


So adorable and what a great use for the toothbrush holder. Good call!
My medicine cabinet is vintage as well (came with the house) but luckily for me, it has a mirror and not glass because what is inside is quite untilitarian indeed.


Cute makeover. I love those old little cabinets in the old houses. Just adds so much character.


Ha Ha Ha Ha....that's funny when you said the lid made you do it!
Boy that sure is a cute looking medicine cabinet.When you first spoke about your cute containers in your medicine cabinet,I was under the impression it was a metal cabinet with a mirror on the front.Then you said it was an old window...the lightbulb brightened over my head LOL.
Very charming and I love the yellow in the background.
Glad the lid "talked" you into it!
Thanks for sharing


It was cute before but the yellow really upped the cute factor! And cute containers are so much more fun to store boring bathroom items in than the boxes they came in. Especially when you can see them. BTW, what is the girl in the yellow dress perched on? It looks like she is staying up on only a tiny edge!

Kim Kenward

I've had so much fun clicking on each picture and taking in all the details. I love what you did with the toothbrush holder. Brilliant!! You have the sweetest little treasures. Darling cabinet makeover.

Kim Campbell

Very cool! I love how you have repurposed some of the vases etc into containers for q-tips and such.

I have a small girl posy container that I keep beaded flowers in as well. The container is from my grandma Ethel!

Sheryl Remy

The yellow paint really makes the inside treasures pop. The little girl dressed in yellow looks like she could take a tumble. I love the toothbrush holder and flowers.


What a wonderful cabinet - I LOVE that it has windows; perfect for all your lovely treasures to shine through!


What a great redo. Love it.
The little birdie sitting outside the door is just a sweet as ever.


Absolutely love it!! Such a sweet redo, and the yellow is so pretty! xo Heather

Into Vintage

Very inspiring ... you must have the two cutest bathrooms in the world in your home. ;-) Only you could make q-tips charming!


I love everything about it. Those girl figurines are not something I generally gravitate toward, but yours are wonderful. Maybe it's the setting!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

That medicine cabinet looks like it's straight out of a fairy tale! Super duper cute and charming!

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