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April 13, 2013


Kimberly Kenward

Love that chalkboard!!! Polka dots. Does it get any better? Sweet little case too. Of course, I love those bunny shoes. So very darling. Of course, your haul of Christmas/Easter is simply perfect. Glad the temps finally warmed up on this shopping day. Yea-Haw!


I've had so much fun reading your posts about this trip and I wouldn't be surprised if Sister already booked us tickets to go next year! I really love the doily couch, how sweet! I think the chalkboard and shoebox are my favorite finds.

Thanks for sharing!


What a fun day. It is amazing what a little sunshine does for the mood! My favorites are the little suitcase (very unusual shape!), the shoes with bunnies on the toes and that occupied Japan vase. Somehow she reminds me a little of you!


Maddie is sitting next to me reading along and keeps saying "Laurie is the luckiest person!". Her favorite thing you found is definitely the "cotton candy" pig bank. That's what she named it. Cute, huh?

I am so happy that you had an amazing last day. You found some great smalls & have made me even more determined to make this trip someday in the very near future. I have had the best time reading your daily recaps. Hey, I have an idea! Why don't you travel the country and go to all the shows and then write a column for all of us to drool over. Dream job for sure.

Have a great weekend,

Erica & Maddie


OH I love everything and would have bought all the same stuff! I had some of those reindeer with the bells as a child and found some to replace them last year. The snowman was a favorite on our tree too...I am still on the hunt for him, he had a girlfriend too and there were some elves that matched the set as well. It is so fun to hunt for treasures like this. Glad your last day was a great one!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Now that's what I wanted to hear.....Giddy! After reading all the week's posts, I was beginning to feel a bit discouraged and unimpressed about Warrenton, Marburger, et al, especially with all your expenses just to be there. So glad to hear you finally had a good day....Happy Day for you!

shirley hatfield

I have some of those reindeer with the bells...I am interested to know what you will do with yours. I haven't done anything with a lot of my reindeer...I just need a good idea to steal! lol!

Maureen Kuppe

So glad you had such a wonderful time.... And what treasures you found! I LOVE the reindeer - I have a small collection myself.

That huge cabinet is awesome!!!! I would be so tempted to find some way to bring it home. HA! There is no way - but just imagine the stock of crafting supplies you could store in it!


Great finds! And thanks for the memories-- that inflatable egg on the far left/bunny with green egg, I'm sure my family had that waaaaaay back there. Late 60s, I'd say. I had not given it a thought in decades! Wow!


I'm so happy that it ended so well! And though I love everything you bought, the last three pictures send me into paroxysms of glee and delight. GREAT SHOPPING JOB!!! Do you think you'll go back? I keep thinking how HOT the fall one would be...I think Spring is the way to go, though your spate of bad weather gives me pause.


Oh thank goodness your trip ended well. I was beginning to get discouraged while reading the first several posts. And especially since I suggested y'all dress in layers and bring sunscreen. Very happy that things worked out for you. And great finds!


Such sweet finds! Love those darling shoes!! Too precious! xo Heather


Oh, thank goodness ... I was really worried this trip was going to leave you with an empty suitcase, ma'am. The squeaky tomato scares me a little, but that polka dotted chalkboard speaks to me.

Diane Horn

Thank you so much for your posts about your trip! This has been on my bucket list and was thinking maybe I should remove it while reading the first posts but in the end I could feel your good energy - knowing I would put in 12 hour days and collapse on the bed each night . Your finds are right up my alley and I silently squeal with glee for you!

laurie magpie ethel

This trip was on my bucket list and AM SO GLAD THAT I MADE IT. I would do it again for sure. I may have whined about the weather and the prices...but once we got our vacation groove going it was great. I hoped these posts would paint a true picture...there were ups and downs..but lots of ups!


Love your posts on Texas! Glad the weather kept changing for the better for you two.A doily ottoman seems like a good idea.Love the tomato squeaky toy!Never seen any like that.The vinyl balloon eggs were a score too.Nifty looking chalkboard. I could go on and on :-)
The lady with the fancy covered garbage can was pretty funny! Good idea though until it got too heavy I guess.
Thanks for sharing!


Nothing foils a trip faster than bad weather. But nothing can make me happier than sunshine after rain! We were in AZ last week and after the Sandy / Meri marathon we went to Flagstaff and were greeted by a snowstorm! That was immediately followed by 45-60 mph gusts and snow at the Grand Canyon. I took pix in 27 degree temps with a windchilld that I don't want to disclose!

Rosemary watson

Love the chalkboard! I looked at those fruity characters too! Too expensive for me also

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