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April 12, 2013



good luck! i'm loving all these posts about your trip!


Enjoying your posts about the big trip! How fun to meet a famous blogger. Another book for you to write! Great purchases too!


Awwwww.... LOVE that little bird with a crown! I always look for crowns for my Victorian Studio... goes well with the UK Union Jack flag and all.

I love this series of posts Laurie - I am always eager to find another part to drool over.

Kim Kenward

I'm loving your ongoing series posts too. It's fun to tune in each day for the latest installment. Your Christmas light is so sweet. Love your little yellow bird too. Glad you are shopping with fun friends. Sounds like you found some fantastic restaurants.


I'm enjoying reading about your adventures in Texas. I used to go every year until real life got in the way. I actually thought about driving over for the last day, but then rolled over and went back to sleep. It's a little over 1 1/2 hours for me, but I've missed going. I'll probably try again in October...if all goes well. I stopped going to the places where you have to pay because there were so many free places, but then the free places that I enjoyed seemed to be losing dealers. I guess they started moving to some of the newer fields. It's probably changed a lot since I was last there...around 5 years ago. The weather is unpredictable...it can be beastly hot or freezing cold.


Don't seem to have enough time to make a comment when I read your post in the am.I thumb through it first thing with my coffee in hand though :-)That's fun that you got to hook up with another blogger buddy!Do you have a pic of your suitcase that you stuffed all that stuff (and more) into? You have to be an expert packer and organizer!!! A metal shoe rack,heater,plunger.....really? LOL
Thanks for sharing.
Cute finds!


I eagerly await each day to read your adventures. I am loving it! Just wanted to add that looks like the Stanley clothes washer instead of plunger. I bought one recently at an estate sale. The idea was to swish it up and down to wash delicates, I think. If it was a plunger wouldn't the water squirt out the top holes? Can't wait to read tomorrow's adventures! You are my favorite blog.


Love the photo of the three of you, ma'am.

Sheryl Remy

I believe Dianne is right your treasure was used for washing rather than plunging the commode. The chicken feed money holders are so cute for building a little nest egg. How you gals could go for 12 hours straight and then not doze off immediately is amazing. So glad you went on this adventure.


What fun to meet Sue. I have been reading her blog for ages. I can't believe you found a way to get that shoe rack in your suitcase - where there is a will there is a way!!


Oh Oh Oh that little crowned chick is PERFECT. My favorite of your buys so far! I wonder if the antique store people had booths at Round Top/Warrenton and so they closed their stores for the day?

Lisa W.

I am sitting here really enjoying your Round Top diary ! Thanks for sharing ... I have always wondered what that show was like. What fun ... thanks Laurie !


It is so fun to meet a fellow blogger! Love the crowned chick...so Magpie Ethel. Ma'am is such a southern thing. When we moved to AL. in 1959 I was required in school to call adults Ma'am and Sir. My mom did not like being called Ma'am. I was in a quandry.


Cute photo and love all the cups and reflectors!! xo Heather

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