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April 14, 2013



EEEE! I am drooling over Uncommon Objects. It would take me hours to shop that place with so many interesting things to look at. I like the addition of the extra lighting, too. I can see why you were smitten with the shoe and I have a hunch you can Ethel-ize the old lady into a better mood!


Uncommon Objects definitely lived up to its name! An old woman in a shoe spun head family?? Who would have thought. I found that same Santa squeaky toy at an estate sale recently. Remember Maddie was convinced it was a dog toy?

Have a wonderful Sunday. I'm off to BRING Recycling. I'm still on the hunt for that dang faucet!



Laurie! Thank you SO much for taking us to round top with you! I thoroughly enjoyed taking the journey with you!!

Maureen Kuppe

Wow Laurie, what a great series of posts; I have enjoyed reading each one! I can see now how you couldn't really cram all that into one post... Thank goodness you didn't, I loved all the photos and stories you had to share. UO looks too cool - wish I lived nearby to visit it too. I see many things I'd bring home too!!!


That does it! I'm moving to Austin.........!!!!
But I'd be in serious trouble shopping a store like that one. Every.single.day.


Uncommon Objects looks like a place to spend a weekend! Such eye candy! I have wanted to go to Austin for a long time and now I have a really good reason. The old lady in the shoe is over the top for you. WOW I figured you and Amy would be good travel buddies. Your posts have been delightful!!


What a fantastic ending to your trip!I would say that is a "must stop at" shop for anyone who loves vintage/antiques.I looked at this post this morning and I'm going through it again right now :-)
Love the lamp too. I have that same old woman in a shoe with the spunheads too somewhere! So you must have been standing on your suitcase to close it LOL!
Thanks for sharing.


I think you've hit the tippy-top of spun-head goodness with that family! Unbelievable. So glad you got permission to take photos, because I'd have hated to miss that, ma'am. Much appreciated. (I'm only doing this so you don't get homesick for Texas.)


The shoe family is too cool! Thanks for the peak into Round Top...you always see about these markets on travel shows but they always seem a bit exaggerated. Maybe it can become a girls get together type event for you!


Some day I hope to go to this event - and, in fact, I was talking about it today to my daughter - she is going to Texas soon. I must tell her about this store!

Kim Kenward

Uncommon Objects is truly amazing. I'm glad they allowed you to take pictures to share with us. What a fantastic trip this has been. Thank you for sharing it with us. The shoe family is perfectly YOU!!

Sheryl Remy

I,m so happy that you had a marvelous time. Austin was a wonderful spot to stop at before you left. So much to see. Plus you have a friend to share it all with. Sounds like an event of a lifetime and a forever memory. Good for you.


Okay Uncommon Objects is officially on the bucket list and the Old Lady in the Shoe is absolutely to die for and is so perfectly you, what a find! There is no way you could have walked away from that. Sounds like you had such a wonderful trip. So glad you shared it with all of us!

Into Vintage

I laid awake that night after being in Uncommon Objects -- I was so amazed & inspired by what I saw! I can't wait to go back again.

Truly an amazing week in Texas. Thank you for all of these detailed posts -- you're the best!! xo


thanks for all the great post, so much fun to read, next best thing to being there. glad you and amy had a great time together makes the shopping all that much more fun with a partner in crime. welcome back.


I am so excited to read about Uncommon Objects. I'll be going to Austin at the end of May and it was already on the list but thrilled to hear about it. What was the other mall you went to in Austin? thanks

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