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April 11, 2013


Sheryl Remy

Those little hats and velvet fruit float my boat. I'm fascinated by the black and orange floral pieces too. So sorry about the weather. But you did good.


I am so happy that you are doing this series of posts. When we do this trip someday, I don't want to waste my time at shows that are out of my price range or have things that are just not my style. You and I have such similar tastes that I will follow your lead!

I love those tiny little tin cups. I bet you have a million ideas for them! When I was little, my great aunt used to make those little bunnies out of the real eggs. Of course at the time, I had no idea that they would someday be considered vintage Easter!

It is freeeeeezing here today! Hopefully the weather warms up a bit tomorrow. Maddie has a no school day and wants to go to some sales. That's my girl!



Jealous of the hats! Also, of your visit to Marburger. They weren't open when we were there.:-(


Laurie - I love reading your posts and viewing your finds. The hats look adorable on those mug trees! But I have to say your sparrow necklace created by Janet of Skip 2 My Lou is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! I can certainly understand why you chose to bring it home! I think I'd have done the same. Such a nice post!


I'm glad you had some great finds. I have often wondered if the shows like this which have received so much attention have turned into over-priced stuff only the rich who want to look shabby can afford? ;) The necklace you bought is really neat. I like that she is incorporating pieces that are not traditionally Jewelry pieces into them. Can't wait to read more!


So interesting! Like the hats on the mug trees, and the dime kitty is too cute! Too bad the weather was sub-par. I think it's a common theme this spring.


Very cool treasures you have found so far! I am glad you persevered; I adore the Dime Kitty, rattle, Easter basket and the little tin cups and plate.

Can't wait to see that heater repurposed in your new bathroom decor!

Kim Kenward

I love your instant collection of tin cups and doll hats. So darn cute! I have that exact same bunny tin plate. They are currently out in my kitchen with my tin toy stove. That necklace is totally you with the sweet little bird on it. I hope your weather got better on this antiquing adventure. It's so darn blustery and cold in MI, but we expect that (even if we are sick of it). Can't wait for the next installment!


I cannot believe you bought an enamel heater and put it in your suitcase! You must be a masterful packer like me. :) You have an eye for the sweetest things. I am loving these posts of yours. But, they make me realize that I would never actually go. Sounds very expensive having to pay to get in everywhere plus high prices on top of it. I know it would be a fun experience though. Also, that pie place made me claustrophobic just looking at it. Lara at Pretty Quirky ate there too. Looking forward to Day FOUR!

Janet Johnson

I am so enjoying "our" vacation! The little cups are adorable. I can't wait to see you wearing that sweet necklace (glad you didn't buy that garter necklace, eesh). I am especially enjoying the displays.
Thanks for taking the time to share the details.


Those egg heads are so funny! The little doll hats are adorable. I am amazed at the things you packed home. You must have taken a large suitecase. I guess it's a gamble with all the different vendors and shows going on...not knowing what you are going to find inside. Too bad about the weather. Nothing stops a good junker like you and Amy!!!


Glad you were able to make some great scores on day 3! It is interesting that a different part of the country has different "stuff". You hardly ever see the tin play dishes around here. BTW, I love the way the hats display on the mug trees - looks perfect to me!


Read your post this morning but didn't have time to make a comment.Got a laugh out of the Texas trash pie.Love the scenery pics too.Did you haul that little heater home in your suitcase too? You did say you were bringing a big suitcase:-)The tins and hats are darling. Looks like you made a good haul for Day 3. Had fun reading your post again.Makes me feel like I was there with you.
Thanks for sharing!

Debra Ganas

AAAAhhh, finally a good day for you and Amy. The little hats and eggs with hats are just adorable.
I wondered what you would find, since you DO find the most amazing things in your "neck of the woods".

One of the best things about junking trips with my Mama and friend Bert, are when we find something really good to eat. Last time it was fried chicken.



Oh, I am practically green I want the doll hats so badly!


Wow! Reading your posts has gotten me so excited about Junk Bonanza! It looks like you had so much freakin fun! And your haul home has been outstanding! Yeah for junking trips!

Into Vintage

How in the world did we accomplish so much in one day?! You are the very best travel agent and also an excellent historian. I will look back on these posts forever. Hopefully while eating some pie. xo

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