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April 10, 2013



It's like a page turning novel! Can't wait for the next installment:-)



Very interesting! Can't wait to read the next installment! I get turned off on sellers (garage sales too) who don't price items. Like-- hope you didn't go to too much trouble!


Coffee in hand and I'm like the other girls waiting for the next installment! How lucky are we to get to travel with you through your diary!I feel like I was there with you :-)
Cute bird and for only $2!
Thanks for sharing.
I'm chomping at the bit waiting for your next post now LOL


Wow, thanks for explaining exactly what it is... never realized it was a bunch of towns; thought it was altogether in one large area!

Love the bird too - can't wait for more!


I am glad to hear you had a great week because Chapter 1 has me wondering if things get better! I'll keep reading to find out!


I'm already overwhelmed! So much to see and do. I'm glad you're doing your posts in such detail. It helps get a better feeling for things. I just hope more vendors priced things than didn't price things. Love your little guy..cute.


"Turn around don't drown" should be our state motto. You'd be amazed at how an all day rain storm can turn even the smallest of puddles into drowning zones if you don't live here. Also, your trip looks like fantastic fun!


I am at work so I am not going to read a word yet! I will save it for home!!!
I am SO excited to hear about everything you saw and did. It's almost like I got to go myself!!! :o)


I knew it was spread out but never knew it was different shows over 12 miles. Wow- you lucked out to find free parking! I'd worry I'd forget how to get back to the car.
I'd love to see one of those huge shows but I am so spoiled with low prices from local events.


Oh my goodness, you got off to quite a start with the airport dash and then nevous weather. Sorry the junking wasn't so great on the first day. I'm guessing that was kind of a disappointment but maybe you were just getting the "lay of the land". I'm looking forward to the next installment!


I am spellbound! Don't leave us hanging too long. You are doing a great job on describing it and I can't wait to read what happened next. I especially loved the description that it was like you were on The Amazing Race, one of my faves.

Judy A

First of all I LOVE the Easter Cottage Cheese containers. I haven't seen one in years.I remember them like it was yesterday. Oh wait it was yesterday! lol.Second I am LOVING your Texas post Please keep going,no one thinks it's too long.And Third a question. My cousin (in the 50s)always had for her Birthday Party,beautiful Cardboard slices of cake,for favors
Have you Ever run across something like that? I would just LOVE to see one again! Thank-You for your time. Keep up the GOOD Work! -Judy A-


Such fun...love your diary... Looking forward to day 2

Kim k.

Bring on day 2!!!! I'm on pins and needles!!!


We are a detail oriented bunch aren't we? I find myself as interested in the iced tea and weather as in your finds. Thank you for taking the time to paint us a wonderful word picture.


If you do this again next year, try starting out the week before. most vendors open on Thursday. Unfortunatly it was Easter weekend this year. Very crowded. Prices can be hit or miss. I hope the rest of the week went better for you.

laurie magpie ethel

D - Thanks for the tidbit. We had spring break here the week before (kids home) and Easter did throw a loop in the calendar. It was a fun week and I would go back again for sure! More posts to come...


I have been refreshing yours and Amy's pages for three days now, anxiously awaiting your trip details. I'm really hoping that we find out the weather improved in the next installment. It really bites for you to have traveled all that way for bad weather! Can't wait to hear how it all turns out!

Sheryl Remy

Thanks for your descriptive post. After reading magazine articles before, I think your explanation of how this works is so much better. As your faithful readers, we are very interested so post as long a post as you wish. I too loved the Easter cups and that bird was a bargain.

Into Vintage

I'm glad we did the airport dash at the start of the trip -- don't think I would have made it if it was at the end of the trip! LOVE that you're telling such a detailed story of our Texas adventures. xo

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Chicks and bunnies on bicycles. What could be cuter?! Can't wait to see that chenille bird on the branch after it's had some Magpie Ethel magic worked on it!

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