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April 05, 2013



What a cheerful space! Nice to see the evolution.


How totally cool! Thanks for posting.


What a great morning for me to have my coffee in hand touring your studio past and present :-)I still remember the feeling of seeing your blog online and the excitement I felt from it.When we were able to see it in person....It was like floating on a cloud for me! Meeting you and touring your studio was the highlight of our trip :-)I feel so lucky!!
I have my magazines in a special spot and I pull them out now and then to thumb through.
Thanks for sharing and for the memories!

Linda @ A La Carte

What an amazing studio! I see how much it must inspire you to create!!
hugs, Linda

Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

Wow! Even better than I imagined. Thanks for linking the articles -- very cool!

Sheryl Remy

Laurie, how wonderful for you to be featured in national magazines. You can bet those issues just went to the top of my treasures to find list. Hope you had a grand time on your trip. I read the Pyrex Sisters too. I bet they were lovely people.


That is a wonderful and long feature!! It gives me a totally different persprctive of your studio from the more recent pictures I've seen. What a fun place and your know I love all the color!!!! Thank you for showing us the article.


These pictures are so fun to see. It took me a bit to get my bearings and translate them to how it looks now and both versions look like a fun place to hang out and create!


How inspired you must feel in there...I'm going to show this to my husband so he can see how awesome it looks and leave my studio alone! You have to start somewhere you know! : ) I also adore the button arrangement.

Carol Tootalian

Thanks so much for sharing the magazine article on your studio as it once was. It was absolutely darling back then as well as today. Do you ever make button bouquets any more? I think that was my favorite thing in the article. That's me - focusing on something small in the grand scheme of things!


twinkle beverages

Visiting your studio...is that an option? Better than Disneyland...
Thank you for sharing.

Kim Kenward

Oh my goodness. Another blog post to send off to my mother. You have such an amazing studio and I love its evolution.


I like the comment about better than Disneyland! Your studio is AWESOME!!! I'm trying not to covet it and all the "stuff/treasures" you have!


Wow, Laurie! To have been published in two well-know mags - awesome! I loved reading the articles; and seeing how different your studio was! Isn't it cool to look back and think "Wow, what a transformation!" I'll bet you inspired a lot of people to start collecting those trays!

Mitzi Curi

I can't think of anyone more interesting than YOU to be featured in a magazine! I'm glad you've received recognition, and I hope you will get more features in the future. You have so much more to share with the world!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Oh Laurie, I specifically remember purchasing that copy and remember your studio for the trays! I thought they looked so cute displayed on the walls like that! Once a collector always a collector right? ;) (me too).

Lisa W.

How fantastic to be featured in those mags ! I loved your studio then and I love it now ! I am sure more magazines will come a-knockin' in future .... you offer endless inspiration ! As always - thanks for sharing !


Hi Laurie, Here I am recovering and wondering how your bathroom progress is coming. What a fun surprise to seehow far the remodel has come but also this fun look back at your studio. I don'nt think we knew there are double doors. Can you still open them, I wonder. What joy you have brought to so many of us by sharing your love of collecting. This post makes my day! Elizabeth


How wonderful and exciting to be featured!! So lovely and inspiring! Hope you have a great week! :) Holly

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I will never forget the day that I found your blog, and realized that you were the same person in the article from the BH&G article that I had ripped out and saved! Now I'll be searching for that Decorating Ideas issue, because it's the closest I'll ever get to seeing your fabulous studio!


So neat and your studio is amazing!! Congrats on your features! xo Heather


I love your blog and thank you for sharing all of your lovely creations with us! Your craftroom is spectacular! I dream to fill one someday with such cuteness :)

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