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May 14, 2013



What a darling collection! That is one I would've never thought of asking you about!It is amazing what a few dimes could get you back when huh? I don't think I've seen any dime savers before. There's lots of things I've never seen before except for on your blog of course:-)
Thanks for sharing and making my morning coffee even better.
Have a wonderful day!!


I guess that was a way to discourage kids from frittering away those dimes on penny candy and baseball cards! (While building loyalty to the local bank...) I don't think I've ever seen one that encouraged saving for a charity. I like that idea ;)

Janet Johnson

Those are really cute. I'll keep my eyes open for them. I vaguely remember dime savers but I don't remember them being so cute. I notice that yours are not from banks in town (couldn't read the last one). There has to be lots of these in desk drawers all over the country just waiting for you to find them. Exciting, huh?


I had a couple dime savers way back, but not as cute as these. Pretty sure mine were from the local bank. Don't think I ever filled one completely!


What a fun collection and I have never seen these before. My Mother always used the saying "10 dimes makes a dollar".


I've never seen these before, how cute! I love the poem on the back of the kitty one.


i love this collection! it reminds me of these little vintage paper cut outs with a dime in them that our neighbor used to give out at halloween! she must have bought a TON in the 60s and was still giving them out in the 80's. i wish i had saved a few!


Why in the world did they stop making these? They are the cutest and most fun way to get kiddos to save. I know Maddie would use them for sure and get a major kick out of them.

Have you seen the new Farm Chicks app for the iPhone/iPad? I downloaded it last night before bed and haven't had a chance to look at it but I hear it's great!


Sheryl Remy

Cute. Cute. Cute. You have to start somewhere to make a million.


I had those dime savers when I was a kid! It was one dime thng after another in those days...


Oh, when Christmas comes, I will have a dime saver stocking to send you! (If I can find it...)


la la la la la -- not looking -- I haven't seen these but if I ever do I wouldn't be able to RESIST!!!

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