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May 21, 2013



Love Humpty Dumpty!I have a few asst items all over too. Hmmmm...Are you hinting that you're starting up a new collection?
Those knobs sure are cute! Darling wrapping paper.I see the Old Woman in the Shoe in there!It is a sad ending for him huh? Glad you would have a whole shelf of them and they'd be safe with you!!
Thanks for sharing.
My coffee always tastes better with your blog :-)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I've always been a big fan of Mr. Dumpty! I hope your cute collection is safe and secure, because you know how that guy has a habit of falling....


Love Humpty Dumpty...and is that an old stove I spotted in the picture with the salt-and-pepper shakers? What kind do you have?


Such a fun collection! Love the straws and pajama bag! ;) xo Heather


Very cute! I have a few HDs myself. Old (1960s) Irmie (sp?) children's, wooden switchplate, wooden toothpick holder, a pj bag my mom made (not 100% sure that is still with us. Have to check my dad's house!). Neat idea for a collection.


Love the pajama bag! What ever happened to those anyway? I had several when I was a child but haven't even heard of them in years.

Into Vintage

Mr. H. Dumpty certainly wore a wide variety of hats on his pointy head. :-) I too had pajama holders as kid but never a Humpty Dumpty one!


That music box is the best. It is so wonderfully chippy & the color is PERFECT! Glad you were able to draw the line at collecting just one nursery rhyme character. What will power you have!



Lovely Mr. Dumpty collection. I always felt so sorry for him and never really understood why all those men and horses couldn't put him together. What's wrong with them??!!


Oh wow! I used to have the cookie jar that matched those S & P's. Never knew they existed until now. Very cool! Makes you wonder what else they might have made that matches them.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot

I bet nowadays they could put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

I always love seeing your collections.

I feel like such an idiot. When I clicked, I thought it was going to be the Humpty Dumpty chip brand.

Lisa W.

I love Humpty Dumpty too ! I have a cat that reminds me of him ! Very cute collection - thanks for sharing .....

Kim Campbell

I always felt so sad for Humpty. Overly sensitive child! lol!


Cute collection! Google humpty dumpty sculptures in Colorado Springs. We have a local artist who makes the best humpty dumpty inspired sculptures.


Love them all, I'm also a Humpty Dumpty fan!


I started a Humpty Dumpty collection for my daughter when she was a baby. She had a little stuffed one she would carry everywhere. That lead to more and she ended up with quite a collection. She's now 34 and still has them. Love your collection!


Kim K.

How fun! Love your music box. I have a pink one...same style...with 3 little bears on it. That pj bag is so darn cute. You always find the best things for your collections.


I was unaware of the Humpty Dumpty fascination! I have a Humpty Dumpty feedsack - if I ever decide to part with it, I know where to send it! (I love your bowtie guy, too.)

Sheryl Remy

These are all good examples of Humpty Dumpty but I love the wrapping paper best. My daughter Rachel got a Humpty Dumpty as a baby present. When she was deciding which stuffies to keep and which to donate, I insisted see keep him.

Mitzi Curi

I love your collection of Humpty Dumpty goodies! It reminds me of one of my favorite pessimistic sayings I saw on a bumper sticker years ago: "Humpty Dumpty was pushed"


That is an awesome collection! As far as nursery rhymes go -- I'm a fan of Little Bo Peep.


What sweet items you have...I too am a fan of this little round guy....hugs to you


When my Daddy would tell me the Humpty Dumpty rhyme when I was little, he always added: "So the Kings' men all had scrambled eggs for breakfast!" LOL! You have a great collection! :o)


Very cute collection Laurie! If you ever want to expand it, I have four humpty dumpty egg cups a friend of the family wants me to sell on Etsy... I haven't posted them yet.

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