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May 28, 2013


Sheryl Remy

A really nice collection. Here in WI the bags I see are Oshkosh children's overalls sewn into bags. Oshkosh is a WI town and clothing manufacturer.

chris mckinley

They all are terrific, but two of my favorite things on one of them....roses and ice cream!! That one would have come home with me for sure!!


Great collection! Some of them look like children's clothes sewn shut. So cute!
That kind of makes me think I need to look through The Little Dudes old clothes and make a few cute little bags for this and that.


My favorite collection to date. Might make hanging out the laundry seem less of a chore?


Just darling! Love the little clothespin bags.I clicked back over to check out your laundry room. I noticed you said it was considered a "Before Shot"? Are you giving a hint here on what magic you're going to do next? :-) Only you can make a drab basement laundry room look cute!!
Thanks for sharing


I've always loved those little bags. They were so practical and yet so cute. The variety is fun to see, too. They would perk up a laundry room!


I love them all!! I have yet to find a vintage one, but love making them. ;) The dress ones are so cute! I might just have to try my hand at making some of of those! ;) And the roses and ice cream cones, too sweet! Have a great day! xo Heather


Wasn't it great that most of those were made from recycled materials...we throw stuff away so easily now! I have started using mine to store plastic bags in. Thanks for sharing!


I have one sweet little clothespin dress. When I bought it, I really didn't know what it was, but I did a little research and figured it out. That was years ago before I was totally into vintage. :) I also have a clothespin bag that is a little pair of trousers.

I'm hoping to find a stash of those bright colored clothespins to use at my sale to hold hankies and linens. They do add an extra pop of color don't they?

Janet Johnson

Really cute. I like the green flour sack fabric trimmed with orange bias tape.
Nice assortment of pins, too. I love those with a hanging hook -- they look handy.

Into Vintage

I marvel at how something that had such a functional purpose for a not-so-interesting job (laundry...bleh!) was given a dose of charm with its design. Looks like you shared a bonus subset collection of clothespins as well! xo

Kim K.

Darling collection. I'm on the lookout for a few more laundry bags when I go to estate sales. I only have 1 so far hanging up in my laundry room. You definitely find the cutest things.


Roses and ice cream cones and love the aqua and pink one, too. The hankie bag is a great idea. I wonder if they actually washed them inside the bag? It would be a good idea!


My favorite on by far is the one that Pam from Plucky Maidens gifted you. Pink & turquoise are my FAVORITE colors! I would have to say that this is one of my favorite collections of yours. How do you display them in your laundry room? We missed that room on our tour:-)

3 1/2 days & counting till Farm Chicks. YAY!!



How fun! Those hanger/clothespins are really useful too-- I use them quite often.

Kim Campbell

Show me your collection of paper leis. ALSO, show me how you store and display it all!!!


I too kept thinking these were perhaps children's clothes that had finally been passed down and grown out of by the youngest sibling... never would have thought they were intentionally made to look like clothes! Fun collection for sure!

Lisa W.

I love this collection !! My mom collected them too !


I love how there are never two alike of these (except for the mfr. one) I don't think I've ever seen a pattern or an article about how to make one; would love to find that! I like a good clothespin apron, too.


Love that collection, and how funny you posted that today. I also collect those and I just got a new one yesterday! You may have just inspired me to do a blog post (gasp!)

Mitzi Curi

Amazing collection, as usual! Once I had a dress shaped bag and mistakenly marked it as a little girl's dress. Perhaps because I never had children it never occurred to me that if the bottom was sewn shut it wouldn't be a very effective outfit for a toddler....


I have a little dress bag for pins...wonder why we got away from making such special things to warm our homes? Yours are precious!

Do you love him Loretta (Arda)

Everytime I see your collections, my mouth hangs open in awe (real great image)! So, in order to challenge you, I had to avoid the obscure (as you have impressive collections of things I didn't even know existed!). I challenge you to show me your collection of ... stamps!

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