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May 05, 2013



I am addicted to your blog. I love seeing your estate sale finds!


Yep - it's always fun to see what loot you picked up over the weekend! One thing about moving to the mountains is... no yard sales - well, not so many, anyway. There is a swap meet - but EXpensive!!! I love the bargain basement prices better. Love the decals and the hankies. So cute!


Can't believe what you found at two estate sales! I found 2 things at the flea mkt here.Cute hankies and little duck shovel.Love those vintage decals.Darling post you did ending with the the little elf leaning or napping under the toadstool.Glad you had a successful weekend scoring some goodies and spending time with Ben.
Thanks for sharing

Kim Kenward

How fun are your finds! You really did very well. Love the graphics on the hankies and those toadstool polka dot elves are darling. I might have to visit your etsy store. I still haven't ever found vintage decals. I keep looking. I even dragged the family to an estate sale after church yesterday. We scored on some horse figurines for Josie's western-themed birthday.

Happy Monday!


Amazed as always. Those "cutest of the bunch" animal decals were on a knick knack shelf that belonged to my sister when we were kids. My daughter now has that shelf, but the decals are long since painted over. Love the hopscotch hanky!

Patti M

I can't even believe the cool stuff that you find! I never find that kind of amazing stuff at our estate sales here in FL. It's fun to live vicariously through you Laurie! LOL..have a great week....hugs Patti M :)


It's crazy the amazing things that you can find on the second day of a sale. Who leaves mercury strands behind?

The flea market was pretty good yesterday. I found some decals too in a booth full of ephemera marked 50% off. Hopefully I will get around to posting about them today. Ack....Mondays.

Less then a month until Farm Chicks!! Hopefully we can meet up and I can pick your brain for secrets of the show:-)


Sheryl Remy

Great finds. I really like he duck shovel, the foil Happy Birthday thingies. Oh heck, I love it all. Saturday was city wide garage sales in Sun Prairie WI, the only affordable vintage thing I found was a Christmas Tree candle but there were other bargains to be found too.


It's all so sweet and charming! Great finds! I wish I had your eye for putting these items together to craft something awesome and unique. I see these types of things sometimes but never really know what to do with them. I'm so worried about becoming a hoarder that I usually pass these adorable things up. I'm glad you did so well at the sales this weekend!

chris mckinley

I love the hankies! Children's hankies are just too cute!


Another successful hunt Laurie! Love the adorable decals - what are you going to do with them?

BTW, Amazing Race is one of my favorite shows; we even did an Amazing Race BD party for daughter one year - and we both got to meet Phil too!


Adorable hankies!!! The decals are so sweet and how fun are the 'Jolly Notes'! Great finds!! xo Heather


More estate sale fun! I like those silly vegetable people decals. The other decals are great. I have a few that I need to put on something. What do you do with yours?


oh those decals! i love them! i'm on the lookout for some big ones, because if we have a kid i'm going to need one for our crib and highchair!


I love seeing what you find at sales in Portland. I have wondered for a while, however, whether the crafty materials you show are the only things you find? Saturday I picked up a spray bottle of Shalimar (my all time favorite!) for a quarter and a like new Columbia fleece zip jacket for a dollar that I later found a dollar in the pocket of. Jacket fits like a T and was free!
Do you just not show us the "other" things you find???


The decals are great. And even though I am pretty good lately resisting hankies, I'd have bought those in a heartbeat. They're great.


Those hankies and decals are a great score and I love the little elf in the last photo. Are the decals water-slides?


The graphics on those little cards are hysterical! I love all that you found, but especially drooling over the ring box and those hankies! I recently found some of those little birthday bands, too.


I love your sweetest of the bunch of decals....When I was a kid we had a kid-sized rocking chair with those same decals on it. :-)

Su Gardner

just found your site, love it,so
nice to meet someone else with loads of good stuff

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