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May 17, 2013



Good stuff for overpriced and mediocre. That Xmas light box is great! I have a pair of the crocheted ladies towels made by a family member-- don't know who though!


That First Aid Kit looks perfect for your bathroom or your kitchen. Love that old Christmas light box too. My collection of yardsticks is ever growing - I planned on cutting them up and making things out of them, but I just can't seem to do it!

**My post today is dedicated to you. I had a GREAT day in YS land.


I'd say that was a great haul! Lucky....get to e-mail to sign up? Wish they had that down here.I can't believe you were at a sale and the only one standing in line too!Glad you still got your vintage fix in.Love the Santa box of lights!Everything else looks fun too.Like the color of the fans.
Thanks for sharing :-)


Doesn't the wolf pack have nude ladies on the back?

I have a few decks of those "Wolf Pack" cards and that looks like what i have.

Love the Christmas light box!

chris mckinley

At least you picked up a few treasures! I'm off to the second day of an estate sale this morning...crossing my fingers


You found lots of good things for a "meh" sale. I'm on my way to the flea here pretty soon, and I'm hoping I do as well as you did today.


Love the coffee can...I found my first - First Aide kit last year... and have become very curious about them...I haven't seen one like yours before and it is SO full still - neat find!


Not bad at all! I was seeing first-aid kits all over the place yesterday but I did not peek inside to assess the safety record. Kinda marginal sale possibilities here today ... sigh.


Lucky you for finding so many yardsticks! I don't have a klu why I like yardsticks but I buy them, too. The towel is sweet as well. For the new bathroom perhaps? What are you going to do with the box fans??


Happy Mt. St. Helen's explosion anniversary!
Glad you got your fix. You did find some goodies and the ads I saw weren't too promissing. I like the towel with crochet but they seem so impractical.


Sweet finds!!! Love the juice glasses!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xo Heather

Patti M

Oooo...I love the glasses...so pretty...we had one of those blue box fans when I was a kid. my siblings & mine bedrooms were upstairs & no air-conditioning. My dad built a ledge for the fan in one of the windows, so it would blow out the window, it would pull a breeze in the other windows. St Louis in the summer was hot...how did we ever manage it? I thought about you today...I had my own adventure at a garage sale today...have a great weekend...hugs Patti M :)


Wow, you got some nice things for a medicore sale. Love those fans! funny about the glasses, how they called them candle holders. You can see they are glasses lol!
Glad you got your fix. Oh, if I could only find some mercury garland. *sigh*


Sheryl Remy

A really lovely box holding those lights. I can't resist Christmas things. I think the first aid box is a great find too. The coffee can is perfect for your collection, great logo.

Mitzi Curi

I'd say you had a pretty good weekend....I did fairly well this weekend too!


Even with the not-so-great sales, you always come home with the coolest treasures. I once found an old first aid kit, but it was well used and not nearly in as good condition as the one you discovered! Love the Christmas "lamps" (not "lights")!

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