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May 11, 2013



Glad you made it home okay after a hectic sounding Friday! My kind of girl....lights come on in your car and you still made a detour that rewarded you today LOL!I can imagine what your car looked like considering your are the Queen of packing too. Nice collection of vintage goodies.
Thanks for sharing!


Nice haul! Happy Mother's Day!


It is nice to see that your priorities are in the right place! :o) An estate sale is always worth the detour.

I am glad you got Kate home safe and sound. I remember those packing up days, it is amazing how much stuff is rammed into a small dorm room. I don't know which I disliked more, the hot, humid move out days or the pouring down rain move out day. All is good now, you got your girl home and now summer can begin.

Happy Mother's Day!


I was worried that Kate was going to be coming home the same weekend as Farm Chicks. A friend of mine is going to pick up her son from school in Spokane that weekend so glad to hear you already got your girl!

Happy Mothers Day, Laurie:-)



Glad you made it safely home with all those flashing lights. I would have been afraid to make the detour for fear I would turn the car off and it wouldn't start again. Luckily you had Kate there so probably didn't need to.
Nice rewards and you deserved them!!

Kim Kenward

Glad you are both safe. Definitely looks like your treasures were worth the slight detour. We just moved our niece out of her dorm room temporarily into our home and then back into a different summer dorm. My 'back' can totally relate to all the 'stuff'. I'm sure it's wonderful having Kate back home again.

Happy Mother's day!!


What an eventful weekend -- Happy Mother's Day! I esp. like the unusual clothes pins you found!


i love those pine cone ornaments! how pretty!


I can barely function when a light comes on in the car! It's scary! My low tire pressure light came on the other day and I was in a land of "no cell service" and I was nervous as a cat. Glad you made it home safely and your nest is filling up for the summer. My family is never surprised for the car to veer into the parking lot of a thrift store or a yard sale, no matter where we are going or what the time constraints. There is always time to JUNK!


Love all your finds!! The clothespins are so neat! I just made some vintage inspired clothespin bags and put them in my shoppe!! Oh, the simple days!! Happy Mother's Day! xo Heather

Nan York

Good luck to your daughter in her next semester. My grandson is out end of this next week from UAF which is in Fairbanks where he is a sophmore. He is flying Thurs with us to Iceland!
I'm sure you'll make some cuties with all this stuff you collected here.

chris mckinley

Isn't funny how used to our favorite activities our kids are? They don't even blink an eye! Love the clothespins!!


I love that you can squeeze in your "detour" and your daughter doesn't bat an eye... I had a great Saturday antiquing with my daughter (a Mother's Day trip just the two of us). It's so great to share our love of vintage with the next generation.

I hope your car is okay!


Is that vase violet in color? I love it!!
Heavenly haul!!

Sheryl Remy

I'm sure my parents could understand your feelings well. The first two years I was in college on the third floor also. My freshman year they borrowed a truck and we ran out of gas on the way to school. As for check lights, I had one car that had some wiring problem and the check engine lights was always on. Enjoy your summer with your daughter.


No amount of sweat, warning lights, and long drive gonna keep Ethel from an estate sale! And totally worth it I'd say! I would have done the same thing. My middle son came home on Friday (but hubby went and got him, I had to work. And ooh I really wanted to go, they have great flea markets in Arkansas!) Well, more laundry for the summer but more love and laughter too :)


I'm glad that nothing - nothing! - gets between you and an estate sale! Enjoy your summer with Kate! (I get Carrie til at least the first week of June, hoorah!)

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