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May 25, 2013



Get yer boots on and get up there..........good luck at farmchicks!!!!


Farm Chicks AND Round Top??? Aren't you a lucky girl?!?
I can't wait to live through your adventures...


When Don't I LEARN Something from you!?!? I bought two of those candle collars not knowing what they were! I thought I'd make silverware wind chimes with one...I had no idea that you could hang ornaments on them! YIPPEE for the Magpie who knows what every vintage thing was SUPPOSED to be!

Kim K.

Always happy to see what you scored. Can't wait to follow your adventures next weekend. We hit an estate sale at a farm house this morning. Lots of western gear for Josie's upcoming birthday next weekend. Giddy-up!


A candle ornament hanger, so THAT'S what that is! I have one that actually has a holder for the candle but never did know what the purpose was for the hooks. There is always something new to learn!


Too bad they weren't all as awesome as this one! Those candle decorations are really neat. I imagine a crafty chick like you will put them to good use for sure!


A PINK cart liner, no less. One of those old metal laundry carts is high on my wishlist.

I have a set of those little nesting cups. Mine are from "The Bottle Store" in Ogallala, Nebraska. I think they are jiggers or shot glasses.


Is it Farm Chicks time already? How time flies! Even if it was not your usual vast quantity, I think you did well!


Maddie & I had some luck at the sales the other day. Maddie found lot's of crafting things at a church sale and she was so cute telling me things like "Mom, this clay is $3 per brick at the store & it's only 10 cents!". I love her enthusiasm.

I am dreaming of Farm Chicks. My best friend Rachel and I talk or text at least 10 times a day and it's all we can talk about!

See you soon,



Not too many sales and you still manage to score! Love the pink liner still in it's original package too even!I've never seen the candle trimmers. Those are kind of cool esp since you can change out the colors of the ornaments.Seems like you just went to the Farm Chicks sale.....Oh wait, I saw the Yehaw! and I was thinking of Texas LOL.
I'm sure you're going to find lots more vintage goodies up there.
Thanks for sharing
ps.....I see one of my elves made it up there again! :-D


Another one of my blog friends from BC is going to Farm Chicks! Hope neither of you have to take the route of that bridge collapse... yikes.

Love the treasures you found this weekend...

But the adorable Kitten squeaky toy?



OK, You might need to show us what the liner looks like out of the package and on your laundry cart someday. It looks so darn cute! What were the chances you'd find one, and not even opened???
Thanks for sharing :)


How neat to find the laundry cart insert! It's always fun to see what loot you pick up!


That kitty is my favorite!!! Oh, lucky you next weekend! xo Heather


So glad to see you- and glad I could help out ! Have fun at farm chicks!

Kim K.

I agree with Erica. We need to see the liner in your cart. I'm sure some embellishing will be happening too. Enjoy farm chicks. Take lots of pictures!!!


Those candle collars are really cool!

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