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May 30, 2013


Sheryl Remy

Once again sheer genius. I love how you breathe life into the older dolls. Everything looks great.


That was a lovely parade! I'm sure they won't last long in your shop.

Musings from Kim K.

I think one of those dolls might need to visit my patriotic dollhouses. They are darling! Lots of great eye candy. Can't wait!


Very cute Laurie!

Judy A

Absolutely Adorable I LOVE Everyone of them,but especially Uncle Sam! I have never purchased anything online before this might have to be the first? Just Terrific! -Judy A-


Love them all!! xo Heather


I think the following dictionary definition pretty much describes your creations and the good feelings they produce!

Main Entry: exhilaration
Definition: great happiness, excitement
Synonyms: a rush, animation, cheerfulness, delight, elation, electrification, elevation, enlivenment, euphoria, exaltation, excitation, firing, gaiety, galvanization, gladness, gleefulness, head rush, high spirits, hilarity, inspiration, invigoration, joy, joyfulness, liveliness, mirth, quickening, sprightliness, stimulation, uplift, vitalization, vivacity, vivification


I love a parade!! The firecracker and the guy with the kite are so very clever!! This parade will not last long once it gets to Etsy!!


Are you EVER bored or depressed? Wish I could borrow your brain for refueling once in a while!


Very cute and Patriotic! Love the Summer time and those little creations make me think of Summer! I remember those little spunheads you found and said you had a project in mind.....It does look like a little flame!
Don't know how those things pop in your head.
I can see the lightbulb over your head of curls. It must go off every time you come across something LOL
Thanks for sharing


Adorable! Just went to write the date they go on sale in my calendar--one question: is it Tuesday the 4th or Wednesday the 5th? Don't want to miss out!!!


Really like patriotic decor-- my bedroom is red, white, and blue. Love the mini newspaper hat! Clever!


Rethinking the fact I don't decorate for every holiday! I adore the dolls, especially those little newspaper hats. (Clever repurposing of that Christmas ornament horn, too!)


Laurie, I don't know how you keep coming up with all these great ideas. What an adventure to wander around inside your head for a while - lol!


OK, those are the cutest things ever!
I've got to put that date on my calendar so I can share some of that adorableness.

Nan York

Oh Oh so darn cute I can't stand it.


so cute!

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