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May 01, 2013


Sheryl Remy

Very clever storage/display for both the hanging shelf and the hangers. I have several of those hangers too. I used them in the nursery long ago. I think I could spend many hours just taking everything in at your workshop.

Kim Kenward

How very clever to use those hangers for your tea cup collection. Genius! I love any glimpse I can get of your fabulous studio. So much going on. Great eye candy for us.


More storage/display space is always welcome and love how you are displaying the little cups. Well done!


Now that IS brilliant! What a great use of space and awesome vintage goodies... Just yesterday, I realized I too still have a bunch of those little baby hangers. I'm glad I didn't give them away!

Love that your display can be viewed from all angles - there is so much to admire!

PS. So happy that your "flock of birds" will soon be flying their way North! ;)


More storage is always fantastic and when it looks fabulous, that's even better! Love the way you can see your cups from all angles.

Meri Wiley

Wow, you never cease to amaze me in your creative use of objects. My gosh, who doesn't need more storage space......now you've got me looking at my ceilings!



Ok......I'm thinking like everyone else.Very clever idea for your shelf and using the child's hangers for your little cups!! What a brain you have to come up with those ideas!
Hee Hee Hee....Love the flag or banner next to the clown that says "Goodbye.I'm off to join the circus"Perfect for your studio!!
Thanks for sharing and giving me a great big smile with glimpses of your studio again. Can't help but smile :-)


Oh those men of ours -- so patient with us! I love your shelf solution!


Just FAB!!!! I've never seen a shelf like that one, I love the unusual......your studio/storage space should definitely be in some magazines....!!


Wonderbosa shelf! So unique and useful...especially for you. One dollar and it made you a happy woman....gotta love it!


An awesome shelf indeed and look at all your treasures!! So neat!! I thought of you when I picked up some sweet vintage elf tie-ons and butterflies that were made in Japan. You can see them on my last post. Love using the plastic hangers to display the tin cups!! xo Heather

Lisa W.

Handy dandy and cute to boot ! I love the way it all looks ... and so practical. The little cups on hangers is a wonderful idea - that I may have to borrow !


There you go again with your thinking outside the box:-)

It's a pretty good day when you have to start hanging storage space from your ceiling! I love how the teacups are displayed. Those hangers can be very useful. Maddie has some of her hair accessories hanging from a few in her closet.

Keep cool....it's gonna be HOT here!


chris mckinley

Love this shelf! Way to use all your space! I love the idea of using the children's hangers for your tea cups!


You're so smart, I would never think to do all that!! I love those cups hanging on the childs hangers!

Dorothy Crutchfield

I would love to spend the day just looking at everything in your studio!


Ahhhh - your studio is amazing! Gives me permission to keep collecting, too - I love that! Love it all!

Carol Cook

I'm in love. I just found you via Perfectly Printed. She said people would love your space - and I do.

I have to spend some time looking around, but the sun is out for the first time in a few days so I will come back tonight.

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