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May 23, 2013


Sheryl Remy

I have yet to discover any decals, but I appreciate your tips for their use. The bunny on the jar next to the tell a tale book was very similar to the one that was on my crib as a child. Happy Memory.


Thanks for the great tips!! I have a stash of decals sitting around and a few "naked" jars too.Cute tutorial this morning :-) I love those vintage decals....they bring back happy memories for me also! I still have the big bunny one I got from you.I'm waiting to find the perfect place to put him.He's going to have to be on a piece of furniture or something.I remember that bunny being on my crib and they were also on a high chair.The jars turned out darling!!
I think I'm going to do some jar hunting this morning.
Thanks for the sharing and the smiles!


I have always been afraid to buy them for the very reason of not knowing if they will still work...Thanks for the tip, I think I'll give it a try now!

Judy A

Absolutely Charming!
What is wrong with me? I don't remember my crib! -Judy A-


Guess what Maddie & I are doing today? Dressing naked jars! I have several old jars around the house + lots of decals too! Easy project for a cold, rainy day. Thanks for the varnish tip. How sad would it be to lose some of those cute decals due to a lack of varnish?




Those tiny jars/decals are just so stinkin' cute!


So cute!! The images are just the sweetest! xo Heather


I have the naked jars, now I just need to find some decals! These are so cute!


Oh, my gosh. Those are just adorable. I think I can do that and I have the supplies, except for the varnish. Varnish is now on my list. Thanks for the tutorial Miss Magpie!

Kim K.

My next obsession...vintage decals! Thanks for the tips!

Patti M

I love the little jars...the donkey one is too cute..if you run out of naked (that's pronounced nek-ed) jars....i saw these vintage looking jars with red lids at World Market that would look adorable with your decals...hugs Patti M :)
Ps I just ordered one of your adorable girlies on your etsy site...I'm so excited for her to come beautifie my craft room :)


Thanks for the tips! I have some jars and just a few floral decals so I think I need to give it a try. Now all I need is some spare time - haha!


When my sister still lived in Oregon, they cleaned out a foreclosed house. She called me and told me she found something I might like. When she moved here last Sept she brought them with her and you guessed it, it was a huge stack of vintage Meyercord decals! I sold a few of the big ones (flocked nursery ones, they bring a good chunk of change) but kept most for myself. I tried to use one and it fell apart so thanks for the varnish tip, will definitely be trying that.

Maria (Magia Mia)

Nothing beats Meyercord decals for adding vintage charm. I adore them, especially when you see them on aqua, pink, or red metal.


I've often wondered how people get those old decals to stay together. Great trick!
They look fantastic!

Melissa's Antiques

all those decals are precious! make me want to find some to use!

Janet Johnson

Oh, I hate it when the decals fall apart. I now copy them before I try using them just in case. I thought decoupage would be the second best choice. I will now try the varnish trick.

Why haven't these been reproduced?

P.S. Just what you need... more cuteness in your craft room!!!!


I have some of those decals but NONE as adorable as yours. I love the way they look on your old jars! Thanks for the tips on how to apply them.


Relieved your jars are properly covered. I adore decals, and yours in particular!


love them all! great idea Laurie. have a great weekend




These are so cute! What a great idea - and brilliant about spraying them first... I never would have thought they'd survive this long without totally disintegrating. Delightful!


Varnish?! Brilliant!

I've failed at applying decals in the past and have been scared to lose another in an attempt to transfer. My studio and kitchen might see my stash of decals in place if I can pull it off. Thank you for the tip!

Lisa W.

You have the cutest jars in town !! I love the idea of using decals ..... thanks for sharing... clever you !!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage

I ♥ Meyercord!

I have that teddy bear decal and was just thinking of using it recently!

Thanks for the varnish tip. I haven't used my vintage decals because I've been afraid of using them and having them fall apart but I have scanned them in hopes of making my own decals out of them some day. I've used the reproduced ones with great success. ♥


Laurie these are adorable! I have only a few of these and I am a little worried they will fall apart but I'll have to try the varnish method now!


They look great on the jars! Will keep your tip in mind too-- thanks!

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