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May 03, 2013



Gorgeous!!! It is truly so beautiful and I love all your pretty touches everywhere! How neat is the metal clothes hamper, and the vintage rose fabric is the perfect touch!! I really just love everything! Great job!! xo Heather

Kim k.

You've outdone yourself. It's so pretty, yet functional. All your special touches are just outstanding. Another magazine worthy project.

Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

It all looks amazing! I love everything about it. The bird collection (which looks great on the glass shelves) makes me miss our old pink tiled bathroom that was home to my vintage cat collection. I need to get them out of storage. Thanks for the inspiration!

My Shabby Roses

Your bathroom turned out great Laurie, every little detail. My favorite though is the soap dispensers, what a great idea...I just love them.


Laurie ~

Your bathroom is perfect in every way. I love everything. What a smart idea to go with the grey grout for the tile. I love the toilet - especially the tank cover. I would also have reservations about the pedestal sink, but it was meant for your bathroom. It's something Martha Stewart would have! Good job.



Wow! What a change from when we saw it at the end of March! I'm in love with the bird display and will definitely need something like that in my house some day. Beautiful details, I'm in love!

Happy for you!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

It's perfect and it's pink and I love everything in it Laurie. I got my Magpie package today and I love that too! Thank you XO


Oh Laurie, I love every single thing you did! I can't even name a favorite thing but the way you are displaying the birds on the glass shelves and that vintage rug and the curtains are right up there near the top. Love love love it. Well done, girlie!


It's total perfection.........! It's hard for me to pick a favorite item in this space........I'd have to go with the hamper, or sconces, or tile, or......well. Never mind!

Janet Johnson

I love the whole bathroom... it turned out great. New shower curtain is pretty cute. And those old cotton rugs are great. Mom used those when we were growing up and they lasted forever. I think she is still using one in the garage (not so pretty anymore but still usable!)
Great job.

Kim G.

It is perfection! Every detail is spot on vintage wonderful! I would be so happy to have a bathroom as cute as this! Well done my friend. Love he fabrics from your stash.


Well,it turned out beautiful of course!!Just love how everything in there flows together.All those special touches with the sconces,overhead light fixture and the use of fabric from your stash to the vintage items you've found to use in there and the collection of birds,....I could go on and on :-)
Just charming Laurie.
Thanks for sharing!


your bathroom looks vintagey devine! and I LOVE your bird collection.
have a beautiful weekend! the weather is supposed to be perfect here for the next week.. so thrilled I am!

chris mckinley

It's lovely! Pretty sure I wouldn't mind cleaning this bathroom! It's too cute!! Love all the vintage touches!


I am super excited to see the end result! It's perfect. Do you find yourself going in there throughout the day just to look around and smile? I would for sure.

Okay, so I have to know.....WHERE DID YOU GET THE FAUCET??!!! It's exactly what I am looking for. I will not rest until I have a faucet like that, and neither will Brian:-)

Heading off to some sales this morning before everyone wakes up. One is advertised as "75 years accumulation". Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Patti M

Laurie if I had not seen the demolition pics you posted earlier I would have a hard time believing that isn't the original...its so "real" looking. So many times when people decorate in vintage style it looks like that....new done old...you know what I mean?...yours looks so "at home"...like its always been that way... anyway don't know if i am making sense...it's amazing...you did good girl...you did good!...hugs Patti M :)

Kim Campbell

So pretty!! Thanks for sharing!


Oh. My. Goodness.
Well worth the wait...this bathroom is so you! I love every little thing about it. I bet you are over the moon about it. I too would like to know where you got the faucet. It would be perfect in one of my bathrooms. I get so inspired from your blog.
Thank you for sharing!!!


Bravo! How nice! The fabric you put on the hamper couldn't be more perfect. The ceiling light is really sensational! Enjoy!


It turned out so well! I love your powdered soap lights!!! Such a unique and cool little detail. I like the dark grout in your subway tile too. We did glass subway tile in our spare bathroom, which is beautiful, but considering how expensive it is and how awesome your ceramic tile looks, that's what we are going to do in the other ones. I love all your little touches, nice job!


...just my DREAM bathroom! I covet!


This bathroom rocks! The hamper and the little heater are so perfect. Great shower curtain you chose. I think the birds are very happy in their new home. Your little touches of knobs, fabric, vintage rug, awesome soap dispenser lights, towel rack, etc. all add up to one really beautiful new room that looks old.
Congratualtions, I hope it turned out better than you imagined!


Oh my Gosh! I love it! I love how much personality you have added and those hand soap sconces are the best! So cute! karen...


Oh Laurie... I absolutely LOVE what you've done with your bathroom!!!! Every little vintage detail is perfection!!


LOVE IT! Your curtians are so pretty. Love your birdies and YES they are HAPPY! Love the subway tile.It's all GOOD!


it really turned out perfectly! i love all the little details. it looks great!


I sure do love all the vintage items and the unique way you display them all. I had a pink bath at my other house. My son said it felt like Pepto Bismal lol, but I LOVED it. I bet your windows help to keep it bright and light! I love it all!

Into Vintage

It is fabulous!! I can't believe what a long way this room has come since it was a gutted. I am really loving that ceiling light -- such fun fabric. And your birdies look so happy to be reunited. What a pretty view they have! xo

PS And that rug!! Perfect!

Lisa W.

A beautiful, functional bathroom ( that matches a 1920's house ) can be hard to achieve . You have done it and then some .. in true Laurie style. I love it !

laurie magpie ethel

Erica. I love the faucet and I got online at Vintage Tub and Bath. It is a nice, heavy well constructed faucet with a vintage look.

Lynn at Cottage and Creek

I must say I'm blow away by your bathroom remodel. I'm a first-time visitor but it won't be my last! I love the light fixtures and the Lowes fixture redo. And I love your vintage fabric! And the little chair/toilet paper holder. Oh my! What a wonderful update! So glad I stumbled upon your blog. It was a pleasure.
Lynn at Cottage and Creek


Oh Laurie, your bathroom is AMAZING! I adore the new "old" floor... it is just perfect; as is everything else you chose so carefully. Love the birdies all collected together - they make such a great statement. Wowzers!

Sheryl Remy

Just one word "WOW". Make that two "wonderful".


It is just lovely! I really like your ceiling lamp makeover, too cute!


That is the prettiest bathroom I have ever seen! I am in envy over your chenille bath rug and glass towel bars. And I love the gray grout with the white tile--I am doing that in the bathrooms that I am remodeling and both my contractor and two tile salesladies fought me on it; they thought I should be using white. But gray is so pretty, and it's so much easier to clean! What a beautiful room; I hope you enjoy it!

Melissa's Antiques

Has the PERFECT Magpie Ethel touch! Really loving the fabric covered light! Upcoming DIY? :)

Mary Scott

This needs to be featured in national mags like Country Living or HGTV or Flea Mkt Style! it is wonderful! Mary


What a transformation! I love all the details and special touches -- like those light fixtures. Clever.


All you need is some rose-scented bubble bath! Love every single thing.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Definitely my favorite bathroom ever ever EVER! The shade of pink paint is perfection, and I love all of the vintage touches. Also glad to see I'm not alone in my appreciation of vintage towels!


This bathroom is so beautiful. Well done on the lights and other vintage finds.

Rosemary watson

Where did you find the fixtures for the sink? I have a vintage sink and need new fixtures for it. Thanks! Rosemary

Crystal Sloane

GORGEOUS!!!! It turned out amazing!!! I love love love your sconces. I need to get something from school house electric I think, lol. I'm not a huge fan of pink in a room, but girl, you make it work! Love the bathmat and of course, the tile is after my own heart, lol. So well done! I'm kicking myself for being too busy to see it sooner!! I've been anticipating it too! I know what you mean about the touches. I haven't even shown photos of my guest bathroom because the walls are bare. I need to stop being silly and take a cue from you. It looks awesome and I can't wait to see all the touches you add over time. :)

Jenny Torres

I realize that I have entered official "stalker" status when it comes to this bathroom. I'm okay with that. And I hope you don't mind. I'm wondering what shade was it that you bought for the luron soap dispenser lights? Can't figure it out by just looking at schoolhouse electric.
I bought one soap dispenser and am hoping another will somehow fall into my lap and I can use them in my #somedaybathroom project. They look so fantastic by the sink in your bathroom and since I already bought that...

Thanks so so much!
Your biggest fan,

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