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June 04, 2013



What a great morning to wake up and see this cute collection of yours! They're still darling even if they're rusted.....gives them more charm! Love how you re-purposed them into your decorating now! Those are a lot cuter than the plastic ones I had! Is that little washer with the fish graphics too cute or what?
Thanks for sharing :-)
My coffee's cold now!

Sheryl Remy

I too love that little washer with the fish. Do you think the decal was added by the purchaser or original to the little washer?


The Farm Chicks washer is just adorable! This is a fun collection and I love the little stroller. Would it hold a plant?
anxious to see what else found its way home with you.

Into Vintage

I was just thinking that a little house for all your little appliances would be so fun! How stinkin' cute is that washing machine!?


I love all these wonderful things! I have several tin irons, a tin ironing board (I know you have lots of those too), two child sized washtubs and a play dustpan. I often wonder if kids today would enjoy playing with a dustpan. Probably only if there was a "Dust pan app" on their Ipad. :) I have my mop and broom from my childhood. I loved cleaning. (Now, not so much!)

Janet Johnson

Ooh, what a cute little washing machine. Do you think it ever had a wringer?
Nice collection. I like that you use the pieces.

Kim K.

The fish decal on the toy washing machine totally makes that "extra" charming. I love how you have your child-sized pink stove displayed outside. I have a huge weakness for vintage toys. Another fantastic collection. One of my favorites.


I had a pink metal stove and fridge; they were hand-me-downs from older neighbor girls. Wish I still had them.


I this is one of my favorite collections you have shown. Some time back I was out and about and saw someone pushing their child around in the full-size, restored, version of that stroller and it was the cutest thing ever. Thank you for sharing!


OK, it's all darling, but I'm going nuts over that fish decal! I wonder if you took a good picture of it straight on, if we could make repro decals. Hmmmm. ??? LOL
Anyway, it's a great collection!
Erica :)


This is a virtual holdup!! Send me the vintage toys and no one will get hurt! LOL!!! I am in love with vintage kids stoves though I had no intention of collecting them. Now I have three! That's a collection right? I also have a tin cabinet, refrigerator and washing machine that is part of a set. Love, Love, Love your toys!



I have a whole sheet of those fish decals, unused! If I can figure out how to copy them onto a transfer sheet I would do it.


The stroller is adorable! I saw one like it in Phoenix with Sandy and Meri but no good way to get it back home! It would be cute with a little potted flower in it outside...


Lisa W.

Very cute collection ! I love how you have used them as well ! You never run out of ideas.


Love that you use these as storage and decor... they are adorable! Are you participating in Karen's "Where Bloggers Create 5" this year? She just announced it will be July 12th! I would love to see your studio photos once again!


These are fantastic! I love the fish on the washing machine.

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