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June 11, 2013



I think you should save these for your beach house! The graphics are just darling. The one with the cats is just "Groovy" looking but then he sailor ones are just as cute too!
Kids out of school so I can enjoy a hot cup of coffee with your blog again!
Thanks for sharing :-)


Just when I think I've seen it all......

So you have a "someday" beach house, huh? Hopefully someplace warm and sunny unlike our Oregon coastline! Those towels would make the perfect, quirky pillows.

3 more days of school and counting. Maddie is so excited to go on her "first day of the season" garage/estate sales on Friday. I'd better get more money together!

Got your Etsy package yesterday & plan on decorating for the 4th on Thursday. Once again, well done Magpie!


Musings from Kim K.

What perfect towels for a beach/lake house. The graphics are incredible. We're constantly dreaming of a lake house.

shirley hatfield

I've noticed that stores are always full of "Beach House" themed stuff. Living in a Desert/Mountain state...beaches and large tree-lined lakes are in short supply. But we do have pine-covered mountains nearby...so we are more into "rustic lodge" living. But it's nice to dream about the ocean here especially since it's been so hot this week. =D


Definitely 60's with the Monkey and Frug. Those are hilarious. I don't even remember seeing anything like them during the 60's!! Perfect for the future beach house :>)

Janet Johnson

Fun collection. Love the kitty towel. Our neighbor's Siamesey cat loves to sneak in our house just to look around -- funny, snoopy cat looks just like the one on your towel without the hat.

I think your towels would make great "posters" for the walls or maybe curtains for small windows in your beach house.

Have you ever worked a little magpie magic on any of those carved-wood sailor figures? I know they are not really vintage but I'll bet you could make them look pretty cute.


Groovy! I adore the cats one with the "Cats Napping" sign!


Love the hep cat! They're all cool! When I was a kid, I had one that was a checkerboard with, huge checkers. It was very groovy too, orange and yellow with the ricky ticky daisies. I used it so much it really faded. Think it's in the "dog towel" stack in my dad's basement!

Dorothy Crutchfield

Those beach towels are adorable!! I would love to use them at the beach!


That cat nap towel would be purrfect on a nice comfy lounge chair on a cozy front porch.


That's it! Pack up your stuff everyone, we're going to the beach!
Sigh...I wish. 2 fires started today. We're in big trouble in Colorado this summer.
Great collection! They are all so fun and cute.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot

Keep American Clean - that one is great. I only look through the towels at the thrifts to search for kitschy vintage towels (& OK, a New Kids on the Block beach towel).


Another great collection. I don't think I've ever seen any "kitchy" towels. I do have one vintage beach towel - it's wide enough for two people and has the Bell Telephone/Yellow Pages logo on it. It's from the 1970's.

I can only image what fun you would do with a Beach House!

Lisa W.

A fun-in-the-sun collection ! Of course the cat towel is my fav .... it's a cutie !


This may be my FAVORITE collection of yours yet!! Oh, how I love gathering things for 'my' Someday Beach House...

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