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June 25, 2013



How fun...an unexpected collection :-) Cute graphics. I have a few of the ladies sitting around sewing and the BESTMAID one. I've used the needles from some of them too. Love the dog and cat one....darling! I also like your staging for your pics like with the spools and thread next to the packets!
Enjoying my coffee with your blog.
Thanks for sharing :-)


Jeez, lady. Is there anything you don't collect? HA! Probably not.

Glad to hear that your sale went so well. It sounded a lot like the one we had last summer. Constant traffic and made lots of money. We are taking the kids to Vegas in October so I need to have another one before we leave. Two kids in Vegas=$$$$$$!

Alex leaves for Gonzaga basketball camp on Sunday. I told him that he needs to make his coach take him to Chaps for breakfast. Good idea, huh?

Have a great Tuesday!


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Hi Laurie! So happy to visit you after a long blog break! I have a few of the usual needle books, but also an unusual one of an angry looking owl, from Red Owl Store, made in West Germany. Love your collection, especially that American Indian one. VERY cool!

Sheryl Remy

What great graphics and easy to store too. Perhaps the perfect collectible.


That last needle book from Czeckoslavakia is really neat. I have never heard of a saddlers needle before but I have tried to push a needle through leather and I can tell you it is quite a task.


You'll never have to search for a needle with that cute little collection! The graphics on these are great!

chris mckinley

Don't you just love the vintage needle books!! I love the one with the Indian on the cover.


I too love these. Surprise! As a matter of fact I just got a new one Saturday. I enjoy ones from local businesses from back in the day. You would think businesses would learn that we like cute graphics and fonts-enough to save things for years.
I tell you I am pretty sure you are a kindred spirit to me!


sweet stuff! I have a raggedy ann and andy needle book. but hmmm.. I wonder where it is!?
have fun!

Bea Robinson

Thanks for showing the collection! I've was thinking of something unique to ask you and you didn't disappoint !! Thanks again, Beatriz:-)


Needle books are really fun, and the designs/images are so diverse!


Love the needle books! I didn't purposely start collecting them either; I only have a few, but most came in old sewing kits I picked up at thrift stores. I have a Canadian Indian book, a Mountie on a horse one, a round Norge polka dot globe, an orange Superior and a Shell Service one from California. I LOVE the ones with cats you have!!! They are my favorite of them all.

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