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June 08, 2013



Wow-- don't even know what to commet on; it's all too cool! Love that heels box. My dad has a pair of those sawhorses-- they really are handy.

Musings from Kim K.

Squeal! I want that Halloween black cat diecut. I also think your storybook dolls need to come visit my dollhouses.


Great day. Those sawhorses are very cool. The dolls look like they have very sweet faces and will love being Ethelized. the love birds are wonderful, too.


Oh.My.Gosh. The junking gods were smiling down on you this day. I love every single thing you bought, including the sawhorses. How perfect that they fold up like that. Did you get two?? The last picture cracked me up. YES, they DO look pretty determined - lol!

shirley hatfield

I don't know...a few of those dolls are giving us the "stink-eye." I saw some naked baby dolls at Fleattitude this morning...I didn't buy them, but I told my husband you would probably make them look amazing. I can't wait to see those dolls "dolled up!"


I don't know if it makes a huge difference in value because they are naked but i just saw a lot of Nancy Ann's (all those dolls are Nancy Ann) go for over $2,000 on eBay and it wasn't a huge lot if I remember right maybe up to 7 but I dont think there where that many. Just FYI!:)


I imagine those cat's paw heels are designed for cat burglars. Did the box mention giving the ability to quietly sneak in and out of places?

I can't wait to see the girls dolled up. One of your dolls is already residing here in the midwest and a little fellow will be joining her soon. It's like I am running a Magpie boarding school!

You always find the most interesting things. Do you think companies will ever wise up and go back to the darling graphics and fonts? Why it would make buying daily household items so much more enjoyable. And isn't that what it is all about?

Sir Thrift-A-Lot

The rubber heels box is great. Tattered or not, I would love to have that vintage Halloween decoration - so pricey! Although, here in Canada, they charge $65 for what is $20ish in the USA.

Janet Johnson

Looks like we both bought some amazing treasures this weekend. Did you go to the house filled with dolls? A little spooky and a lot high priced.

Your new black cat is great especially with the legs. Think of the cool footprints you could with those cat's paw heels nailed to your sneakers.

You are right about the homemade estate sale signs. Erreech! (that is the sound of my brakes stopping for the sale).


Haa! I love that the Mom is wearing her pearls to pack to kids their lunch! lol
I keep finding those sweet dolls at estates too, but always sooo expensive! This morning they were $8.00 each.
I did clear out the christmas though!
Thanks for sharing your fabulous finds!
Erica :)


Awesome as usual Laurie! I adore the little lovebirds and birdcage pins too. And those Cat's Paws heels! Not only is the box great for Halloween, so would the actual heels... love that even they have great graphics on them!


What a gorgeous line-up of girls! You will have to spend some time in the studio just to play with all those goodies!

Renee Yancy

I have four of those Storybook dolls. As a child, my mother had one in her jewelry box that she had received as a bridesmaid gift. I always loved it. Something just so sweet about them.

Wanda Clark

That last photo needs to be someone's header..it is awesome. :)


Hahaha! That last picture is what nightmares are made of! My last post has a doll photo that fits perfectly with that. There is something about old dolls that is just so scary, but so fun!
The sawhorses are awesome!


Looks like Estate Sale land is in full swing again! My eye is still on the last blog you did! I'm sure Merv's happy that his saw horses are with you now wherever he is :-) What's so silly about loving those? I'm sure you'll put them to good use! Love the black cat (even though he's tattered) and rubber heel box. The jewels would've sucked me in too! I'm sure those dolls were "screaming" when they saw you walk by LOL. They knew the Queen was going to take care of them!
Thanks for putting the smile on my face this morning :-)


Those saw horses are really neat - I've never seen any like that before. But, then again, I never really look for saw horses. Hmmm.

The flower brooches were a great find. Those are high on my list. Another great day in Magpieland!

Sheryl Remy

You get an A+ for your findings.

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