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June 28, 2013



At least there was a cool basement for you to shop in :-) That school memory book is really cute. Love the pics that have cartoon bodies on them too. Very unique!
Those are cute Dixie cups. Love the graphics on them too. I can't imagine putting something in those cute cups and sticking them in the freezer.
Hope you stay cool tomorrow!
Thanks for sharing.


Fun things! Never heard of Dixie cups for freezing. Learn something new every day! Was hot here too, but nice and cool now. I can live w/o 90s very nicely too. Don' t melt!


Thanks for always taking us on your adventures. For those of us who don't get to do this type of thing, it's fun to watch!


I really need to find a box of Dixie cups. The graphics are the best!

I didn't hit any sales yesterday and I may go to one at an auction company this morning but I haven't decided yet. IT IS TOO HOT (even for me). I may just have to run through the sprinkler with my dogs again today:-)

I picked up some old maps at a sale last year that I haven't done anything with. Is Kate looking for something specific? I would love to send them your way. I'll dig them out today and let you know what I have.

Stay Cool!!!



Those cartoon bodies are great!
I don't do heat well either and will be glad to have our normal Portland summer back.


I like the school keepsake book. The pictures with cartoons are adorable. And I love to read autographs...always interesting. Hope you stay cool....ditto for me on the heat!


My brain was coddling in my head yesterday from the heat, so my summer yard sales are coming to an end. Although, I see one three doors down.......... :D

I'd suffer any amount of heat to find a nice stash of vintage Christmas.

There used to be a Dixie CUP factory down the mountain from me. They had a HUGE Dixie Cup on top of the building. I always wondered what happened to that giant cup!


Ok, I'm watching to see what you make out of the Dixie cups. I really like those! You are one God- smooched girl! You find the best stuff!


Love the school book from the 60's... well, gosh, I love it ALL! You really do have amazing radar to find the best vintage stuff. The Christmas ornies are awesome and I want to find an old wooden stool too. So great Laurie!

Oh and I do hope the heat breaks soon. Give me the cool North any day - I would melt down there!


That's a lot of Christmas! Can't believe 62 other people passed on that (but glad they did)!

Musings from Kim K.

Another fabulous score and those dixie containers are totally YOU. Love the idea of using vintage maps in your daughter's dorm room. Today was another scorcher in AZ for our trip to the Grand Canyon. I seriously can't wait for cooler MI temps.

Melissa's Antiques

I've never seen an ornament like that one with the girl in the pink dress. Awesome find! :)

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