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June 07, 2013



On a Thurs too? I don't even know what to say!
I can't believe you found another soap dispenser. I never see those or the ones that you got for your bathroom down here. Love the graphics on the groovy towel! Great haul of vintage Christmas.
Oh, and good luck today too?

Musings from Kim K.

My mom and I joke that you live you in estate sale heaven. That towel is fantastic! Love those cats. I'm always amazed that so much vintage Christmas exists in your part of the world. Can't wait to see what else you found.


Wow, I seriously think I need to move near you!! You seem to find the neatest treasures!! Love the lawn chair! Perfect for your summer relaxing!! The towel is so cute and always love seeing the Christmas goodies!! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather


Wow, this is a great haul. So glad you spotted the sign and took the time to follow it. Yay! That lawn chair brings back memories of my childhood. Love the jelly jars with the red tops, too. And here comes another Boraxo dispenser. Maybe a light in another bathroom??


Score!!! Congrats!!!


SOLH - Shaky Old Lady Handwriting. Gets me every time. Signs that only say YARD SALE. You know there is going to be good OLD loot there. You did good, as usual. Tons of sales in my area today, but I stayed home. BUT! I am headed out early in the morning. There's a treasure out there with my name on it. Maybe some vintage Christmas, I hope. It's been awhile!


I have never seen anything like this here! Wow-Wow-Wow! I asked hubs if we go into town tomorrow and see if there were any yard sale signs. I live so remote now - I'm still going thru withdrawls! But, YEAH for YOU!


Wowzers!! Happy Thursday!
I'm off to garage sales this morning-I'll be lucky to find half of the goodies you found!

chris mckinley

Love the Merry Go Round Tray!! What a day!!!


Oh my goodness, what a haul! You got so much awesome stuff! I really like all the Christmas stuff. That snowman is just adorable!
And the cooler is super cool! It will be great for parties and BBQs.


Wowsers! What an awesome haul! I love it all!


The next time your are out at estate sales and you open the back of your car, don't be alarmed when I jump out! HA!!

Seriously, you find the best sales and it would be so fun to tag along. Maybe someday we can hit them together. I can't believe you found another soap dispenser. Any immediate plans for it?

I'm totally with you about the estate sale signs. If they are the ones that you can buy at Walmart, I tend to steer clear. I'm so happy that old ladies have such distinctive handwriting. Makes it much easier for us treasure stalkers, I mean hunters:-)

Have a great Sunday!!


Sheryl Remy

Glad to see someone else is rescuing lawn chairs. It's true that your part of the country is blessed with vintage. I spent Friday out and about as a vacation day. The only vintage thing I found was a box of holders for holding a your cards for the suggested bridge or canasta hand.
That material reminds me of those older red colored plastic cookie cutters. They were triangular. Sheryl

Melissa's Antiques

You had lots of great finds! Wow! I am still recovering from a full day of garage sales on Saturday and a 8 hour auction on Sunday. So much to take pictures of and post. And get ready for the flea market this weekend. ahh!

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