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June 09, 2013



Okay......4 days in a row? You're more than lucky!I think I would've gone out and bought a lottery ticket! Those dolls had to have been screaming pretty loud especially since they didn't make it home with you the first go around. I'm sure you're just hearing sighs of relief from them now hee hee hee. Blow mold and vintage Christmas too........SIGH
I haven't been able to get out so at least I can enjoy your goodies :-)
Glad you had some Happy Days.
Thanks for sharing!


Hurrah for you! So many cute dolls! You are so lucky!


Such sweet doll faces. And naked boys - Oh My!

I think, if I ever got married again, I would carry a bouquet of mercury picks. Wouldn't that be lovely?


I am so relieved that someone besides me is drawn to dolls that are just a little on the creepy side. Just last weekend my Grand told me that my dolls were creeping her out because they are naked. I love "the look" your new friends were giving you!

Musings from Kim K.

Those dolls. Those sweet little dolls!! I'm so envious. I rescue them as often as I can, but I just don't see them very much...never at half off. You lucky lucky lady!


Good for you! I went to three garage sales Saturday and came home with absolutely nothing! Very cute cat cup!

chris mckinley

I love the 3rd day of estate sales! I often find something and the prices are so much better! I'm so glad those dolls have a new home!


Were your ears burning yesterday? I was telling my husband all about your estate adventures and how unbelievable it is that you hit so many. I'm telling you, there is NOTHING around here - and we're in a very populated area. Jealousy is my name!


Hahahahaha! They are so freaking scary!
Glad you had a fabulous estate sale weekend, we have pretty much nothing around here.


I'm amazed that so many dolls were left. So glad you rescued them. Nice haul all around. I don't think I could do 4 days in a row......wow!

Into Vintage

I would have had to stop as well! Yikes Ethel, with all your finds, you should have your own TV show!!!


Those are Nancy Ann storybook dolls (minus their clothes of course). I just bought a big lot of them at an estate sale and sold them for a good chunk of change. Cute!

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