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June 16, 2013


Musings from Kim K.

Sigh. That was one amazing sale. I adore your ark and I'm so glad that doll was waiting for you to rescue. You really do live in estate sale heaven.


That has been one long and good sale for you! That elephant has a strange look but I like him. The little skates are too cute. I am happy you went back and found more goodies but running around in your PJ's at night??


Had to make an extra pot of coffee this time so I could linger longer through your post!Looks like it was worth sneaking around in your pj's to sign up at least. The doll and elephant just reminded me of the movie "Water for Elephants" Those leftover dolls probably gave all the other people the evil eye so they wouldn't buy them and waited for you to save them! LOL
I have so much fun on your blog!!
Thanks for sharing and making me smile

shirley hatfield

I am jealous of that chalkware elephant...still being in my circus phase, lol! Let me know if you ever list it on your etsy shoppe. You find the best stuff!

Sheryl Remy

Here I am stuck at work on a Sunday but a least I can look you over during my break. Such a great sale, a huge multiple days sale. Congratulations on your good luck.


You found wonderful treasures on this 3rd time! I love these posts! So many wonderful things here. The large doll is adorable - the elephant - the delft tins! All wonderful! Thanks for sharing - it really makes my day!


Wow as usual. I never come across such finds at sales around here. Maybe I need to move!

KayteeJane's House

As usual your finds never disappoint! I have never seen kid's hankies before. Neat.

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Nice finds Laurie. Love the floral tablecloths.



High-five, girl. You really know how to find the stuff!


I think this assortment might be my favorite finds yet. That elephant has personality plus! Love that doll with the wonk eye, the toy canisters, the tablecloths (of course!) and the Sambo handkerchief. But the German Ark and animals is the BEST! Luck, lucky you!


Please tell me you went back again on Sunday.....please? Those little tin cups are so sweet. Didn't you get some in Texas too?

Hanna wasn't really sure about the dolls that were in one of the lots she picked up at the auction last week until I told her to look in your Etsy store to see what you did with them. Then she decided she needed to keep them. Smart girl.

This is the first full week of Summer vacation for Maddie & Alex. Wish me luck...



Amazing, adorable finds! I have to go to eBay or Etsy to find such goodies!

Crystal Sloane

Yup! I was right! Jealous! Of just about everything! lol Actually...I have tons of those animals from the ark set. I don't have the ark (didn't even know one was out there!! boohoo!), but I also have a farm set with people and a birdhouse and fences and stuff. They are from Germany. Mine actually came straight from Germany, but friend bought them off of German ebay and sent them to me. I don't really know much more about them, except that they are among the most favorite things I own and I still need to find a good way to display them (I have sooo many different ones and they need lots of room).


You are so dedicated! Love that Woody the Wood Pecker hankie and the doll with the shifty eyes. : )

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