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June 21, 2013



Sigh.....we live in the wrong neighborhood or town I guess. Wow!#1 for a sale? That would make me feel pretty powerful and I'd be jumping with glee too :-) That clothespin bag is just too cute! It made me smile along with the snowman blow-mold.
I'd be sitting out front in the morning scoping your house out if I lived there!
Wishing you luck except I have this feeling you're not going to need it! Perfect weather for one.
Have a great day and thanks for sharing!

Leigh Anne@Yourhomebasedmom.com

Love all your finds - I live in the Portland area and I was wondering what website/paper etc. you use to find weekly estate sales.


LOVE that paint box! Have fun tomorrow dispite the work!


Yes, the painbox is too cute! And don't worry, we know that it doesn't all just fall into your lap everytime. I'm sure there are plenty of sales that you leave (nearly lol)empty handed. It's hard work finding the good stuff!
Purging your house feels sooo good! That's what I've been doing, and really enjoying it! Haa!
Good Luck! Erica :)

Janet Johnson

Great seeing you this morning. I got some good stuff, too.

Musings from Kim K.

Best wishes with the garage sale. I'm sure you will sell loads. That paintbox was just waiting to come home to your special collection. Love that clothespin bag. Absolutely fabulous stitching.


i Love that clothespin bag so much! how cute!
i wish they did the list thing for sales here. you have to get up and stand in line at 4 am at the LATEST if you want to be first. and you can't just get a number and sit in your car, you have to actually stand there in line for HOURS!


That snowman blow mold is really cool. He's really detailed. I like his quilted mittens.
That little cloths pin bag is adorable! Will you be adding it to your collection?
Good luck tomorrow! I bet you'll get cleaned out!


Oh, those clothespin girls are sweet! And the Halloween blow mold is just great!


Good luck today!!!


Wouldn't you know it......Alex has a tournament in Wilsonville today and I'm a little to stressed of a mom to let him drive up I5 himself so I have to play chauffer otherwise I'd be #1 in line for your sale!

Speaking of #1, Maddie was #1 at an estate sale yesterday. You should have seen her take charge and line everybody up. I have a future leader in my house:-)

Those deer look really familiar. I think there may be a few of them floating around here. I adore the jar they are sitting on. You can't ever have too many of those.

Good luck today!



Those three little deer are just adorable. I am hoping to get over that way to browse the sales today. Perfect weather for it!


The clothespin girls are the bees' knees. Oh how I wish I could pop over to your garage sale this morning!


That clothespin bag is adorable, I love it! You found some goodies!

Melissa's Antiques

great finds!


I'm glad you had a good garage sale! Gosh those clothespin girls are just adorable on that bag -- at first I thought they were sprites!


How the heck did I get so behind in commenting here?

Love all the treasures you found, especially those uber-cute deer trio!

I also love the Halloween vintage; something I have none of - yet. I have been eyeing some old Halloween decor at a local antique shop that I'd like to get before the Fall!

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