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June 23, 2013



Your sale sounds great - I cannot imagine sales in that many houses at once! I'd go nuts! Doesn't it kill you not to go shop?

Those toadstools are absolutely fabulous!


I still think you're hiding a battery charger for yourself there somewhere LOL. What a great friend you have to let you know about that sale. Love those little wooden angels. They have the cutest little faces. Glad that you were still able to score some vintage Christmas today since you missed out yesterday.
Thanks for sharing :-)


Laurie, I'm sure the little wooden angels are from Germany - we were stationed there in the 70's and I have some similar. They are super cute! and I am so envious!!

Debra Ganas

I was worried at first that the boxes of ornaments were from your sale. Lol I should have known better.
Looks like your weekend was a success all around!


Not only was it a good day, it was a lucky day! That chenille-legged Santa is a rare one. Way to go!


Amazing score for so late on the last day. I think they were waiting for the perfect home!


Woohoo for a successful weekend! I'm excited to see the crafty goodness that you do with your Christmas treasures.


Good for you being an organized garage sale hostess! I stopped at a sale Saturday at three minutes before nine, and the many people running it said, "We're not set up yet. Nothing's priced." This was an advertised sale, and they were still bringing junk out of the house at that time. Get with it! Nothing good besides! Love the mushrooms you found!

Meri Wiley

Ok, ok, I'm movin' to Oregon!!!!!! Actually, my stepdaughter will be there in July with her mom.........maybe I should tag along! Oh well, it's probably for the best that I live in AZ, I couldn't afford to go up against you...;o)

You are a force to be reckoned with girlfriend! Congrats on the bounty.



I think those are the same reindeer as the one I got at the auction a few weeks ago. What great finds so late in the day! I was sitting in my workshop at PSU feeling tortured that I was in Portland and couldn't make it over to your sale! I love the mushrooms too.

Happy Monday,


I spy with my little eye...a glimpse of Magpie in a couple of ornaments!
You could start a deal like the old Highlights magazines where we hunt for you in your photos! :o)
What I would give to have sales here like you do there!
I would be hitting up all of them. What fun!

Janet Johnson

Love the little Santa ornie.
Sorry I missed you Saturday. I couldn't remember your exact address and by 11 AM, I was hot and tired and tired of driving around at 3 MPH. It was a fun neighborhood sale and I filled my granny cart 3 times! 3 needlepoint pillows (new), 1 cross stitch pillow, a very old magazine rack, etc.
I am glad you had a great weekend too.


It is so much fun to see what you find! Those little angels are just adorable!! They waited just for you.


Love your new treasures!! Glad you had a good sale!!!


Yeah! I love to see all your treasures. Cute little mushrooms there, and yep, the faces on those angels are adorable! Have a wonderful week!

Melissa's Antiques

loving the polish tear drop multi-colored ornaments. you do have a great friend to alert you to this sale!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage

Love the pink indent ornaments!

Anne Jaeger

Hello Vintage Crafty Wonder!
Well. What can I say--You 'shore' do your chores and more! Since stumbling upon your garage sale last Saturday and trying to buy everything you would part with-- I am now a devoted fan. Laurie, you got me so darn inspired, I was up until 3 am enjoying pictures of your collections!!
So, the tiny bird baths are in prime spots-- That way, I can launch into my spiel about you and your studio at a moments notice! Your adorable bench swing sits outside my garden room. (I "think" the rocker is happy in my garden. However, I think the rocker misses you and wants you to come visit in its new home garden.) That invitation is open anytime, but you should come when the 15 foot lilies bloom. YOU will want some for your lovely garden. I enjoy your drive, creativity and your finds. Oh and you!

Into Vintage

I would like to meet Elizabeth, please and feel free to give her my phone number as well. ;-)

Lucky Ethel!


So glad to hear your sale went well. I would have loved to have been there!

Love all your new treasures too; especially the reindeer of course!

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