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June 27, 2013



Leave it to you to haul a plunger home from Round Top. Again....thinking outside of the box. I probably would have walked right by it. It actually doesn't look like a plunger either. Looks great with the flag in it. It was meant to be!
Thanks for sharing :-)

Melissa's Antiques

You can make anything cute! :)


You're killin' me!!!!! Hahaha, very creative!


This must be the only post ever done about an old rubber red and blue laundry plunger!!! You are one of a kind!! :>)

Janet Johnson

I finally got it... a laundry plunger to wash hand washables. lightbulb just went on. I was thinking toilet plunger... ewww... and was wondering where you drew the line on creativity. It's very cute and certainly serves a purpose. What else could it possibly be used for?


Your creativity knows no bounds! : )


Of course it's perfect! It's red!


Okay, I must admit I was thinking of a different "plunger"... but oh! What a cool thing and now even cooler with your transformation Laurie!

Into Vintage

It is dang cute after being 'Ethelized'!

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