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June 26, 2013



Oh my gosh your house is too cute! Looks like you have quite an asst of Patriotic decorations! I just love it all.....the sparklers and caps, vintage magazines and cards, your mantle full of Patriotic friends....those little sailors fit right in and just your use of red, white and blue for props! I'm awake now and looking around the house for those colors :-)
Thanks for making me look outside of the box at things!
Have a wonderful day!


Genuis! The life jacket is wonderful! What fun displays. It all just makes me happy. To cap it all off you need to re-post you as Uncle Sam! :o)
Thanks for sharing!

Melissa's Antiques

I don't know where you get all this energy to decorate sometimes! :)

Dorothy Crutchfield

So cute, I love that firecracker man!!
Thanks for sharing your cuties,

Sheryl Remy

I can see that I am sorely lacking for 4th of July decorations. You have so much and it's fabulous. Thanks for sharing your vintage treasures and home.

Mary B.

That display is truly special and I love all of it. You have so many wonderful items. The little Uncle Sams hanging from vintage silver garland are so, so cute. I love the horns. Your little wooden wagons are just wonderful. The life jacket is perfect. You inspire me, Laurie! You really find the most amazing things.
Mary B.


I always love your holiday decorating posts and love the way you use the most unexpected things and they look just perfect together. You have the eye of a stylist for sure. Bravo!

Janet Johnson

You are a genius at display.
Thanks for the good cheer on a rather gray day.
PS. Do they still make caps? I don't think I've heard them in a long, long time.


Oh Laurie, I love all your decorations! The George Washington look alike is too cute!


I have been trying for DAYS to figure out what on earth to hang from my foyer feather tree for the fourth. I got nothin. You on the other hand have plenty of creative ideas!


It's all fabulous! I came across that uncle sam garland lastnight on Ebay. It's sooo cute, and I had to use all my restraint to not click BUY IT NOW!
Erica :)

Betty Morgan

I linked your page today on a page post
is that ok?


It's so weird, but I never decorate for the 4th of July. Then I see the way others, like you, decorate and I wonder what the H*ll my problem is!


Love it all! You simply have the best collections ever!

Musings from Kim K.

Yippee!! I'm sneaking blogs from the motel bathroom. I've been ready to see your red, white and blue!! You are always an inspiration!


Wow, your house looks amazing! I love all your decorations!


Hanna called me yesterday morning and said "I wonder if Laurie keeps her house locked?". Ha ha.

Whenever you decorate for a holiday, your window display is always my favorite and this year you didn't disappoint. I had a couple of those honeycomb balls sitting with my decorations and yesterday I walked out into the living room and saw one of them flying across the room. Evidently 17 year old boys are the ones I have to worry about.

It's finally going to be sunny here today so I can take picture of my decorations. Can you believe that the 4th is next week?!

:-) Erica


Great displays! I love vintage patriotic things too (don't have too much). Mind me asking where you picked up the flag garlands? Are they old, new, or did you make them? Really neat!


Wow! So many awesome patriotic goodies! If I were American, I definitely would get some from your Etsy... what a great job you do for every occasion! Up here we'll be celebrating on the 1st for Canada Day, so it's a fun long weekend coming up!

Happy 4th to you next week - you're definitely prepared!


Love all the vintage sparkler and pop cap boxes - how cool! Now I must have one! Happy Fourth this week!


I am pretty sure I say this every year ... that eventually you are going to inspire me to decorate for the 4th! Love every bit of it. (Trying to catch up on all of my back reading ... I've missed you!)

Kim Campbell

Love, love, love! Boy, does that life jacket bring back memories. Ours were orange I think.


The life jacket and that plaid cooler are killing me. Actually, everything in that last picture. Coolest patriotic collection ever.
Love it, Laurie!

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