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June 15, 2013



Lucky YOU! Good things do come your way! I can't wait to see what you get at the doll estate. I look forward to seeing what you find every week! LOL!

Janet Johnson

That was a nice surprise. You probably needed a little charge after all that work.

Nice... but another pile!


Vintage Xmas delivered to your door? What planet do you live on?? Cool!

Into Vintage

Can I move in? I would be willing to accept all home deliveries of vintage Chrismtas on your behalf.


What a nice surprise at the end of a long day. As for the signup up at 10:45 pm, you are a junking maniac!! Your dedication always pays off though so looking forward to seeing what you scored.


You are nothing if not dedicated!!! Enjoy your son and daughter this summer-it just goes so quickly.
I can't wait to see what you rescued at the sale.

Linda @ A La Carte

Oh I love how vintage Christmas ornaments get DELIVERED to you! Amazing!


Nice neighbor!

shirley hatfield

When you serve others you are blessed! It seems like I am always moving one child or another...but I am NEVER rewarded with vintage Christmas ornies...lucky duck!


Geez....are you one lucky person or what? Vintage ornaments delivered to your door?
You are too funny! I can picture you running out in your jammies with a hoody on over your head of curls LOL. Did you have slippers on too? Hee Hee Hee and Yes, that is estate sale dedication!
Thanks for sharing your story...can't wait for your post!


No one ever comes to my door unless they are selling TV satellites or handing out The Watch Tower. I like your kind of door ringers better! Wonderful Christmas loot!

Musings from Kim K.

Oh my goodness. That's an amazing reward for a day of driving, hauling and cleaning. My sister and Mom are going to drop over when they see that you had vintage Christmas delivered to YOUR door. You realize for every major holiday or celebratory gathering, we sit at my laptop and pull up your blog and drool.



Really, Laurie? I mean, really??!!! You must have had some good vintage Christmas karma saved up, huh? I can't think of a better reward for your hard work as a mom than getting something you love delivered right to your door. Definitely better than a pizza (at least to us, anyways)!

Aren't you glad to have Ben & Kate home? Summer vacation officially started here on Friday and I am already grumbling about the messes and can't seem to stay out of the kitchen. Oh well, someday I will miss these days, right?

Happy Fathers Day to Tom!


chris mckinley

What a sweet neighborhood you must live in!!


Phase 3? Dang, that person must have had an insane amount of stuff. I've never heard of multi phase sales like that.
Those ornaments are great! It's so cool that he thought of you first.

Sheryl Remy

You're like a magnet the way vintage and you seemed to be attracted to each other. What a wonderful thing to be.

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