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July 11, 2013


Musings from Kim K.

What a sweet idea for a care package. What great experience for her professional resume too.


Ahhh...I love that idea. I am all about making care packages. So much fun to make and fun to receive. I wish I could go to summer camp!
Wouldn't a thrifting camp be great! We could thrift, craft and visit. All I need now is to come up with a fun camp name for myself...

Sheryl Remy

What a swell mom your are. Hope she has a great time at camp.


What a cute name - Peep! And the marshmallows are too cute. I send care packages to my son in Tucson from time to time, but with the heat, not sure if these cuties would survive the journey.


Love that name - Peep! My boy was Moss. She is going to have a big grin when she sees those. Well done!


Kate will love it. You are a very cool mom!!


How fun! I took my class to Camp Westwind last fall for outdoor school for the first time! I had never been, mine and Erica's school didn't do outdoor school :( I swear that is one of the best kept secrets on the coast. It was an exausting week with 6th graders, but is so worth it. I love her name tags, my name was "Truffle" when I was there and I had to tell a story to my students about where their teacher went. I of course was off truffle hunting in the woods for the week, so "Truffle" was there in my place. How sweet, I'm sure she is having a blast!


Love the marshmallows! What a great idea... they are so cute!


Oh! A sweet gift from her thoughtful and creative mom! Mine gets to come home from his camp counseling job once a week and it is really not enough!! I feel your pain (but so happy he is not in front of the computer all summer, at the same time...)


How fun that Kate is a camp counselor now at the same place that she went went to as a child! Cute name too.....Peep :-)
Sounds like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. What a great mom you are too making up packages to send to her. Who wouldn't want those darling marshmallows? Bet that puts a big smile on her face!
Thanks for sharing :-)

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