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July 02, 2013



I have a bunch of mismatched plates that I have picked up over the years just so that I could use them when we have people over. But do you think I ever actually get them out?! That stops now. Even though the only guests I am actually feeding right now is the gaggle of Alex's friends, they still deserve to eat of off pretty vintage plates, right? Whatever. They will enjoy them whether they like it or not!

I really hope you are holding up in the god-awful heat. We are in the HVAC business and I have all but forgotten what my husband looks like. Poor guy.




Show me your collection of vintage Thermos, or is it Thermi. I have amassed a little collection...how about you?

Rosie @>-->--

Janet Johnson

Now I NEED to find some polka dot plates. They look amazing with everything.

Sheryl Remy

Thanks for remembering. Dishes are something I have an abundance of. While my friends were buying 45's and fan magazines with pictures of cute boys, I was buying vintage dishes. Yours are beautiful. You have two of my favorite companies, Homer Laughlin and Johnson Brothers.

Melissa's Antiques

I have just gotten into buying a lot of dishes this style. I love the crazing of the old dishes too! Really loving the polka dots! :)


Love the mismatched look too! I get so many ideas from you :-) Just got one more idea from you....the polka dot looks good with the vintage dish! I think I have a few of the Homer Laughlin plates. Didn't look at the name but the plates look just like yours but in a different color. What a sweet mom you have!
Thanks for sharing.....hope you're staying cool there. We're in for a record breaking hot one along with some thunder and lightning later maybe.


Love the ones with the pink rims! I have a Homer Laughlin set that my G-Grandmother collected out of boxes of Mother's Oats, back in the day.


Those polka dots really pop! I use my collection of eclectic plates for big gatherings. They make me smile.

Musings from Kim K.

Love your pretty mismatched collection. I have a dish fetish. I'm blaming it on my mother and grandmother.


Laurie! You are not going to believe this... But the H. L. dishes (Marilyn) are MY china! The Windsong dishes were my wedding dishes! ( So sad that when i was too young to know better, i sold them for grocery money at a yard sale). And, I have a few pieces of the pretty cabbage roses! We do have similar taste! Love this post!


I love your collection! I love dinnerware, china, ironstone...just love it! But..have no more space to store them...
We use mismatched cream and rose china everyday and I love it. The only problem is all our bowls (except the berry bowls) are gone (we only had a few) so I use my fiestaware bowls instead.
Thanks for sharing again! Your collections are just awesome! karen...


Wow, so girly and fancy! I really like the idea of putting an older floral pattern with newer modern patterns. Very interesting looking!
I have a set of china that was my Husbands Grandmothers that is living in Virginia until we can get it out here safely. I'll have to remember to try it with my newer stuff!

Mz. Witherspoon's

A great collection I own the pink rimmed plates as well I love them just got them 6 months ago and those dark green ones I have those too..and I love them .. I'm your newest follower and I'm a sucker for rose Plates too.. Happy Monday with love Janice

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