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July 09, 2013



Very fun! Years ago my aunt asked if I wanted her old thermos jug (before all this retroness became popular), and I said no thanks. See-- some people have vision! Guess I need to work on it.


That pink jug is on my Want/Need list. I also have that plaid one. Now I need to go pick some flowers for it:-)

I'm assuming you are heading to Plucky next month? We will have to meet up for sure!



Thank you, Magpie Laurie!

They do look so cute when gathered together. I use mine as vases too and love the flowers nestled in the thermos quirkiness.

I wish I could have been at your garage sale! :) Rosie

Linda @ A La Carte

Very cool collection! I too find that I collect something for awhile and then it's time to let it go and move on to something else while with other collections they will be with forever! Interesting!


Seems you and I have much in common. I adore my vintage thermoses. Love to use them as vases. http://myjunkobsession.blogspot.com/2012/10/the-vintage-thermos.html


Great use of the jugs!! They look fun with flowers inside!

KayteeJane's House

I too used to have a big collection of plaid thermoses and then decided that I didn't want them anymore and sold most of them. I love the larger plaid ones that you have. I never thought to use these as vases at a picnic. What a great idea! I may have to start collecting these again.


Love the pink and aqua one!! And, flowers is the sweetest touch! xo Heather


Love this post!
At first I was thinking "Yikes" you let some go? But then I understand because I feel the same about not being able to keep everything!
I remember my parents having those Therm A Jugs or something similar and they had a spout on the bottom of the jug where you could push a button and the liquid would come out that way. We would always have it with us at picnics and ballgames. I have a large plaid container with a lid on it that says "The Scotch Kooler" on it. I'm assuming they may have used it for an ice chest? I love it and I just use it as a prop. I do love how you use your jugs as vases! Thanks for sharing and for some more ideas!!


I see those all the time but never get them because I never know what to do with them. A vase! Such a great idea! That was one of those forhead smack moments. ;-)


I bought a bagful of old thermos bottles at a football fundraiser one day and that started my collection. I thinned it out so I only collect the red ones now. I want to find a Holiday brand one someday. LOVE the pink jug - if I ever found one of those, it would indeed be as you would say, a Happy Day.

*Thanks on the show advice. I've always admired you show displays and the way you use cute vintage things to display your wares. I'm starting to get excited! And nervous! (PS I am a quick in the potty too!)


Boy, how come they don't make things in cute colors anymore? Pink and aqua thermoses, a must have for every vintage picnic! Oh, I thought of a collection challenge for you...String! I collect kite string, bundles of string, various other string so I figured you might too ( we do have A LOT of the same collections) so show us what ya got! :)

Mitzi Curi

Wonderful collection! I too like the look of the Thermos jugs with flowers inside. Very cheerful!

Sheryl Remy

I have one lonely thermos. I found it after seeing how you and other bloggers use them in displays and for flowers. Seeing these, I may have caught the bug and will need to rescue more.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Those jugs are pretty fantastic, especially the pink and aqua ones! Makes me wish I had the awesome yellow one we always took on our many camping trips when I was little!


Love the jugs as vases!

Stacey Johnson

I am a thermos fanatic! I have about 25 but none of the style like your pink jug. I'm on the look out. I have even earned the nick name "Thermos Girl" in vintage blog land. I love your thermos'! you have some I haven't yet run across.


Wow, I LOVE those old turquoise and pinks ones! Never seen that style before.

Su Gardner

I collect red and red plaid thermos's but I have never seen the jugs, they are adorable. Su

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