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July 23, 2013



Such a cute idea for storing stuff! I agree with you that they must be displayed together to get the full impact. I believe that I saw that rule in the "how to display your massive collections" rule book:-)



Ahhhh....wouldn't it be nice to bring back darling graphics and snappy names? It sure would make shopping more fun!

I suppose this would be the time to see if you have any "royal" collections. Which it will not surprise me if you do! :o)


Boy these children's shoe boxes are cute!
They do make a bigger impact altogether.
These are a lot cuter than the plain boxes with the names of the shoe, size and maybe a plain pic of them now. That's funny about you wanting to work at a shoe store if they had boxes like that now :-) You could charm the customers into letting you keep the boxes I guess LOL!!
Thanks for sharing!


Oh Laurie, You never cease to amaze me with your collections! The graphics on those little boxes are adorable!

Stacey Johnson

I love the graphics on the shoe boxes! I have never run across any, but now I will be more aware. Thanks for sharing.

Janet Johnson

What a sweet collection. I think I have a couple of boxes -- I'll have to check them out because I don't remember what they look like. I recently saw some Red Goose display pieces. They must have had some cute boxes, too. They would be good for your collection. I'll keep my eyes open.
Thanks for sharing,

Musings from Kim K.

They just don't make shoe boxes like that anymore. Those graphics are just divine. Another sweet collection.

Perfectlyprintedblogspt .com

Such a fun collection!! Love the names nd the graphics!


Unbelievable! Where in the world did you find all these boxes! Amazing!


This one is going up there with my favorites! It's so cute and so practical. Nothing beats that!
I love cutesy illustrations like those. Great collection!


Darling! "Busy Toes!" Too cute!!


I love this collection of children's show boxes! I have just one box from children's shoes and it pleases me to see it on my shelf. This is a great collection. amazing to have found so many different designs! Do you have children's gloves too? Proper little ladies wore gloves for so many special outings back in the forties/fifties. How about little ladies' bonnets?
I am always charmed by your posts. Thank you!


Aren't they adorable!! Nobody but you would have a wonderful collection like this to store things. such fun!

Patti McCarthy

I couldn't believe it when I saw this post - You and I collect soooo many of the same things and you don't have one box that matches mine, which means I have a lot more to look for! Excited! However, for some idiotic reason, I never even thought of using them for storage - and I need a lot in the office! Thanks for the post and inspiration...again!


I love boxes with cool graphics (old and new)! My husband thinks I'm weird.
Chris =]

Sheryl Remy

Another thing I never thought of collecting. Janet mentioned Red Goose Shoes. My husband has a red goose shaped bank and a golden egg from Red Goose he kept from childhood.


Oh my gosh! I love them!
When I was little I wore braces on my feet and legs and had to have my shoes made for me.
The man who made them for me, named Paul, said when I got bigger he would make some red maryjanes for me...he kept his word! When the Dr. said it was okay, he made me a pair... I love shoes to this day!
These boxes are just adorable!

Lisa W.

Who knew !? A shoe box collection !! I would not have thought there were so many adorable examples.... and I have been going to shows and antique stores for YEARS ! You always surprise me ( that's why I like coming here so much . )


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