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July 30, 2013



I have found a few boxes of these over the years and I actually use the hooks. They are much sturdier than traditional hooks so I feel much safer hanging my old ornaments with them.

How do you display them at Christmas?



I have what I thought was a lot of these boxes, but now that I see all YOURS, I see that there are many, many more left for me to find. A nice blog reader just sent me a few boxes not too long ago too. I like to use the old ornament hangers on my tree too. They have a nice patina and seem more secure that the new wirey ones. This is one of my favorite posts!


Great collection! I always get excited when I see an old ornament hanger box too. i only have a few but they make me smile every year when I take them out. They also don't make those wire hangers like they used to!

Into Vintage

!! Love how they look all grouped together -- what a fun little holiday display they make. Can you believe you're closing in on 200 collections!?

(I always learn something here!)


I like the way they look all together, too. The graphics would make fun Christmas cards.

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Those boxes of ornament hooks would look so cute in a shadow box. What a darling collection - Who would of thought? I'd love to see your collection of charm bracelets if you have one.


I think I have 3 boxes which makes a collection, but who could match yours?? Love the foreign boxes.

Stacey Johnson

Another great idea for a collection!


Wonderful collection as always! I have several of the same boxes, and as some commenters have already mentioned, these vintage ornament hangers are sturdier than newer ones.

And yes, that one box is definitely Dutch! Though not of Dutch descent, I live in a town that was originally a Dutch colony, so I recognize the language. I knew that "kerst" meant Christmas, but googled the two words on your box to see what they meant. "Kerstboom" translates to "Christmas tree" and "haakjes" roughly translates to "hook".

Randy jones

Wow great collection so many cool ones and afew i have not seen before.. i am glad i am not alone in collecting them. i agree there are quite a few out there and just when you think you see them all a new one pops up. I did a multi day post last xmas on mine,


Thanks for give us all great stuff to see and read about on your blog.


It would be a more beautiful world if companies designed boxes and other packaging like that still. All the different hook styles are pretty cool too. Who knew?! :-)


Christmas in July post! Cute....love those little boxes of hooks! I have a few boxes too. More than three so I must have a collection too right? LOL They do look good displayed all together. I like how you even took them out of the box to show the variety of styles there are. These vintage hooks work better than the new ones that are too shiny. I grab boxes whenever I see them too. They look better on my vintage trees.
Thanks for sharing!
ps....I always learn something from your posts :-)

Sheryl Remy

So many boxes so little time to collect. Another wonderful collection. At what age did you first starting collecting vintage things? I ask because you have such a variety of items and it seems as if it would have taken many years to accumulate the number of collections you have.


Okay, who would have thought there were so many different types of ornament hooks? Not me. Awesome collection and great boxes.


I am living in holland,always reading your blog and enjoying it,and that box sure is dutch.
Now i can"t wait till christmas time again.


A neat collection and I love all the graphics!! xo Heather

Mitzi Curi

Totally amazing! I love any old packaging of Christmas items. Brings back great memories....

Su Gardner

I wonder how many of these I have tossed away without even paying attention to the
boxes sigh!!!!! I will pay more attention in the future.

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