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July 19, 2013


Musings from Kim K.

Good thing you have friends who look out for you. Major SCORE. I still have fantasies about finding a craft or Christmas room at an estate sale. I've come close, but nothing compares to your weekly hauls.

PS. Chris came home with German diecut Halloween figurines from the 20s yesterday for .50 cents. They obviously didn't know what they had. Woo hoo!


What a haul! Good thing you ran into your friend. I'm excited to see these mermaids soon!


You did well as usual! Love the old prices! 29 cents, etc! What happened to that world??


Great haul! It is hard to imagine a sale like that getting under your Magpie radar. I love the buttons and needle cards, of course, but I think my favorite thing is the matchbook. I have never found any giant ones like that and the Paris theme makes it especially fun.


So happy that someone had some estate sale luck! I am just going to pretend that these are my finds and then maybe I won't be so sad at the lack of sales AGAIN in my area this weekend.

Mermaids, huh? Can't wait to check those out and hopefully bring some home:-)



Running out with my coffee but I had to check your blog :-) Of course! Great haul and good friend!! Have to look at it again on my phone.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Meri Wiley

Ah geez, more vintage goodness! My youngest is coming home today. When I talked to her on Thursday she mentioned that she was cold......how funny is that? She has now officially had an Arizona moment. She heard folks complaining about how hot is was out there and she thought they were silly. You gotta' come to AZ for some real heat, she thought. She said she's had a great time out there, checkin' out the university and local tourist spots, but she's homesick as well. We are going to try to make a trip up that way come spring to visit the Olympia parks region, as my hubby was stationed there in the 80's while in the navy. If I can, I'm gonna' try and visit, if that's okay. Maybe while you're not looking, I'll snatch some goodies from ya.......LOL.



An excellent bin filled with goodness! I think Hazel Glitter will be my new stripper name. (In my next life, of course!)

There is an Estate Sale today in the house of a 102 year old lady that "never threw anything away". But, it is ten miles down a dirt road and I just don't know if I want to venture that far alone into the boonies. But, man, I bet it is some GOOD JUNK!


It was meant to be Laurie! Great haul - love the spun heads. Can you tell me something about them? Are they wooden heads or spun cotton? The name always confuses me, as they look wooden... I can't find anything online to tell me more about them. Thought the Queen of Spun Heads here could though! ;)

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