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July 20, 2013



So many great finds. It seems when you dig you really find fun things. Finding needle books you have not seen seems unusual. I guess they made many more than I imagined. Always interesting to see what people put in a free box!!!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

You found some great goodies Laurie. Love the plastic flowers and the valentines.

xo Danielle

Perfectlyprintedblogspt .com

I agree.... Pretty funny what folks put in the "free" box! Another great day shopping!!


LOVE that elephant. Vintage Valentines in a free box, seriously? Makes me so happy there are clueless people in the world. They are welcome to throw their junk my way any time! 8+)


More great things! The free box find are really great. I sold some of those old football booklets on ebay a few years ago for a good amount of $$.


Awesome! Love the old Bingo game and the squeaky duck. And vintage Valentines, for free??? You're the lucky duck for sure!


Yeah for you! It's always fun to see what you have found. We found a vintage wood vanity and gorgeous mirror today! Happy week to you!

Musings from Kim K.

I'm having flashbacks of those groovy flowers. I swear my grandmother had some of those?? Love all the vintage Valentines. A good day in estate sale land.


You found those old valentines in the FREE bin?!!! Be still my heart.


Wow! You hit the motherload! I love it all! Out here in California, that would take me all year to find all those goodies at Estate and garage sales.
We are going to Pennsylvania in a couple of weeks and I am hoping to do some good shopping while we are there...fingers crossed!

Do you love him Loretta (Arda)

Stop it! You kill me every time I read your estate sale finds!! I drool all over my keyboard and whimper in the corner of the room until my husband comes and gets me! I wish I lived in the US and could
estate sale with you one day!! Only kidding, you have a great eye for pitch and deserve all your great finds! PS I loved your backyard party decor!

Linda @ A La Carte

Oh my goodness, great finds! Love the McCoy vase!!


Wow once again! Those 60s/70s flowers are great!


Sheesh....got on your blog to go over what you posted on Fri and now it's part two! You are so good about posting!!
I'm stuck on your free bin stuff. Really? Vintage Valentines? Those groovy flowers are cute. Love that you found another birdcage.
I'm going to go back and look at part one again.
Thanks for sharing :-)

Kim Campbell

Those salt and pepper shakers are adorable! I'll have to look for a pair. I had my photos taken with seals last year!!


Such great treasures and love the darling squeaky toy!! xo heather


Well that totally deserved two posts! Nice haul! The weather station thing is really cool. Unless it was dropped a billion times, I bet it is still accurate too.
The little bird cage top would make a neat plant cover thingy. I'm always trying to find ways to cover up plants outside due to our freakishly huge deer population.

Sheryl Remy

I always feel that you can tell what a person values by how they price there items. The things they love are high and what they don't value are low or in this case free. Those Valentines are spectacular.


It always amazes me what people will put in the free box. I have found a lot of old boxes with great vintage graphics. I guess they just assume that an empty box isn't worth selling.

Stay cool! We are headed to San Francisco this weekend. 70 degree weather. Woo Hoo!!


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