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July 05, 2013



Too bad I don't remember where your house is in that tangled mess of streets....I would be knocking on your door with my lidless old jar that I have been looking for a lid for quite some time. It is amazing what people hang onto. People will wonder the same thing about me and my collection of square bread bag closures. They are good to put on the end of your tape rolls so you can find the end of the tape. ;p

Mary Scott

I am so envious - I love it all - what a wonderful score! I love digging sales too. I always dig in boxes stashed under tables too - especially in the garages. Happy weekend! Mary


That is so funny - I saw that rack and knew what it was immediately! Then I saw what you said! I still have all thirty one baskets. I haven't had the nerve to let a single one go yet! I am going to take a rack of them to my Vintage Market and see if people want to buy them for shopping. *IF* I can let them go!!!!!

The old jar lids are great - years ago, I saw a door in Country Living Magazine completely covered in old jar lids. I think they would look great all around a door frame. Little round pieces of art!


I am in awe. You think ahead and take a flashlight with you. I think that qualifies you as a true professional picker!
Love that trash can.

Janet Johnson

Sunshine Jane tin and the lids are great! Fun to look at. The trash can looks like it's in good condition. Glad you had a fun morning digging (hope you have your shots!)


Those lids........oh those lids...... :o)


How fun to dig around a two story house with a basement! Love those old tins and jar full of lids! Sunshine Jane does sound like a blog. You must be a pro since you bring your own flashlight! Looks like your digging around paid off.
Thanks for sharing!


we just dont have estate sales like that around here. At least I never see them or hear about them.. Ive got to pay better attention!
have a great weekend!

Maureen Kuppe

Yep, those lids would make a very cool display! Wish they still made packaging as interesting today. Great treasures you dug out!

Musings from Kim K.

I love your instant collection of jar lids. They look fantastic all grouped together. I swear I'm going to have to get my estate sale "fix" soon. I'm going through withdrawal.


So what's the plan for the jar lids? I can't even begin to imagine what is going on in the crafty mind of Magpie Ethel. It looks like a couple of them could have been the lids for Swanky Swigs. I love the refrigerator jar and the metal trash can too. Ah, heck. I LOVE IT ALL!!

Have a great weekend!


Kim Campbell

The lids are awesome! They would make a cute garland!


I just can not even imagine a sale like this. It's amazing what you find! The jar lids are wonderful!

Stacey Johnson

Oh, man! I LOVE it all. The advertizing is great...and the lids! I never thought about a lid collection. Ah-Oh, don't tell my husband I thought of a new thing to collect. That tin with pink flowers is to die for.


The lids are fantastic! It is easy to lose track of time at a good sale.

Sheryl Remy

Your finds are super fun. I was in Tomah WI this weekend and found a very old cookie jar made to look like a bunch of bananas. It was mark $1 and I was thrilled. The older lady selling it notice it had a crack in it which she called an "owie" which she hadn't notice before and just gave it to me. I thanked her before I cartwheeled away. I just love vintage.


Such great finds!! Love all the cans and refrigerator jar! So neat! And, of course the linens and lids!! Yay, for a good sale! xo Heather


It seems like such a strange thing to hang on to for so many years , but those lids are really cool!
Time does fly when your knee deep in junk and having fun. Great finds!


I love the chicken feeder. People have been doing some cool things with those lately, any ideas for yours? Also a big fan of the Silverbow honey can, would look great with a bright bouquet of flowers. Do you ever wonder if the people that saved things like the cans or the lids did so for the same reason we love them today, the great graphics? I know they saved them for the practicality (storing nails, screws, etc) but surely they picked certain ones because hey, it's bright yellow with red cursive and a cute bee on the label! I'd like to think so anyway :)

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