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July 12, 2013



Very cool hankie... I am surprised how often the same name of cities is used in multiple states; confusing no? Dallas? Salem? Toledo?

Hope tomorrow brings many treasures your way!


Nice finds even though they were few. That is a great stool. When my son was little he loved the stool at the Doctor's Office. He really wanted one so I was happy to find him one like yours at a Hospital Rummage Sale. It really was a doctor's stool!

Moth balls are stinky, but that little box is sweet!


Love the hankie and I bet Kate will, too!


That stool is super cool and beefy! And I had no idea moth ball tins existed. Learn something new every day!
Hope you have fun at the antique show!


Glad to hear that I am not the only one who struggled with estate sales yesterday. My little trooper and I are heading out to a couple this morning. Hopefully our luck changes a bit. I cannot believe that you found something for your vintage moth ball collection. Or maybe I just can't believe you have a vintage moth ball collection:-)

Enjoy your day!


shirley hatfield

The other day we saw a little old lady at Walmart with her shopping cart filled with moth balls...lol! I know, right? She probably has one of those cute mothball holders...but I don't know where she will find moths in our area to use them. I would put a cotton disk inside soaked in something from Bath and Body Works. =D


I heard the funniest story about a squirrel and moth balls. A man's attic and walls were overtaken by a large squirrel. After trying many ways to get rid of the varmint, the man used his shop vac to shoot mothballs into the wall and attic. Later that day his wife called him to look out the window. The ground below was covered with white mothballs. He looked up under the eaves and there was a little gray head with a white mothball in its mouth. The little rascal was collecting the smelly things and spitting them out to the ground below!


Looks like you still did good even though it was small. Those little trellises sure are darling. I love my little spunhead girl with the trellis that I got from you. That sure is a pretty looking mothball case. Love that hankie. Fits right in with that vintage theme that Kate's going with. I bet her dorm's going to be soooo cute!!
Thanks for sharing.

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