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August 11, 2013



Making my pot of coffee and coming back! Looks like your junking road trip down to Alameda was worth it!! You are so good in your people watching pic....no faces just their outfits :-) That playing card album would have been hard to pass up except I'd be thinking about how much I could buy for $200. Cute snowman and deer head. I love the large Easter chick!
Well, I think we're going to have to make a trek down there for sure now. Thanks for all the great pics and posts on your trip!


Well, wherever you go, I'm going with you!!

I love that Uncle Sam spun head. He looks a lot like the one I bought from you for the 4th. I'll bet you have a plan for him up your sleeve, don't you? I found that little deer vase at the flea market last year. I originally bought it for Hanna but I'm fostering it for a while.

Awesome finds for sure. I definitely will be heading there sooner or later.


Perfectlyprintedblogspt .com

I agree.... Could not ask for a better setting with San Francisco in the background and the people watching is just so much fun!! I have found if you look long and hard you can find some goodies that fit your budget. I always go to get in at 7:30 am for the $5... I have found like you a lot of dealers aren't set up. I've never stayed past about 1pm I hear some dealers have some pretty killer deals going on! Love the witches and the fish rattle!!


Eh gads - I can't imagine having to be set up and ready to go at 6:00 am. I would not be a nice and happy seller at that hour!

Love everything you found, as always. You do have that magpie eye for shiny and glittery.

Musings from Kim K.

I'm totally loving those witches and black cats. Of course, the snowman and deer are pretty fabulous too. You are so good at spotting Easter cuties.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot

All your finds are great. I'd love to own a kitchen set with chairs like the flower one, but the kitties in the house would claw them to shreds.

Betty Morgan

I believe the bread wrapper guy is from Medford, he brought those to the Grants Pass Antique Street Fair. I just couldn't think of a project...wallpaper?


What a fun adventure!! I love the deer and especially the little vase.


I love the snowman and reindeer faces with the glittered, foiled leaves! Haven't seen those before! It's all great. Uncle Sam too!
Great finds as always! I was able to go back today to a sale I hit on Friday for 50% off! Scored some more fun x-mas things too! Will our addictions ever subside?? lol
Erica :)


looks like fun! dispite the cold weather. Always fun to go on a treasure hunt!
NOt too early to stock up on Christmas supplies... it'll be here before we are ready for sure!


Love your reindeer herd, what a fun place that must have been!

Sheryl Remy

You found some great things at the market. I would have loved to find the chick. It will look great in your home with your other feathered friends. The Christmas do dads are wonderful too.


That stinks about the vendors not being set up. They should push the early bird buying back another hour if vendors aren't going to push hard to be ready by 6. Or at least make the tickets cheaper. I'm not an early morning person at all, so I understand the vendors perspective, but when someone is paying for this little perk, you should totally be ready.

Melissa's Antiques

Great finds. Really digging the Halloween ones!


I would totally be like the guy sleeping! Early mornings- yuk :)... Great fun!


Treasures galore plus people watching!! Who could ask for more? I love the Easter chick...we had a santa like that. And the Uncle Sam had to be yours! Fun, fun, fun!!

Janet Johnson

What fun! Love the table filled with old stuffed critters. I spied a steiff Santa among the group. Please don't tell me those are all Steiffs.


I'm going to suggest you head east! You and Amy could come here, and we'd go to Antique Week this week, and we'd talk about it for years ........ pleeease! (I will even wear a funny outfit if that's what it takes.)


I need that roll of bread wrappers to go with my bread ties I have collected. ;) My son and I will be heading to Grants Pass and he wants to stop at some antique stores along the way to break up the boring drive. Got any good spots?
It was good to see you at Plucky!

Into Vintage

Just re-reading this and realizing I must have neglected to comment! What a great time and always so fun to see things through your whimsical eyes. :-) I'll junk with you anywhere, any time! xo


I love the vintage card binder! $200 is a big investment for cards though. I just scored a box of 500+ assorted ones at an estate sale. One even looks exactly like my dog! http://goo.gl/85QT4L

I would love to have a full deck of her!

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