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August 14, 2013


Musings from Kim K.

You are a super star! I can't wait to find an excuse to get the west coast to visit you in person someday.


Blog friends are the best! It's a good thing that you and I like each other. What a bummer it would be to live so close to another blogger and not like them in person!!

Off to Vegas. Hanna said something about some "Vegas Posts"? Don't hold them against me :-)



Blog friends are the best, but I bet it's even better when you can make them a regular friend too!

shirley hatfield

Lol! It's so true about the blind date nerves...I have had them a time or two. You are someone I know I would like to meet someday...I don't think I would be nervous at all! =D


I'm so glad you two got to meet face to face and spend time together! So cute to see the two of you side by side in the same pic instead of on a different blogs :-) Brought a smile to my face this morning. I still think of when we first met and there were nerves like a blind date....you made those go away quickly though!
Thanks for sharing your stories and pics!


I agree completely and I am so grateful for the friendships I have formed thru blogging. Sometimes I am not sure how to describe it, though. I say "my friend said" or something similar and then I think, should I say friend when I haven't really ever met this person? One of my blog friends and I have decided we are pen pals.


I got to pal around with Gina Vintage Junk in my Trunk and Rescue Squad Sue yesterday - it is so much fun! I think you and Crystal would have a wonderful time.


That's a whole lot of talent up in that photo! You two are my favorite crafters in blogland. In fact, I have one of you party birds standing next to one of her angels!

I've had a few run-ins where I was recognized. At least Ethel is a valid name - Hey Monkeybox, is not! Most of my "best friends" are people that I have never even met. In fact, I tell my family every night what "my friend Laurie's son Ben" has done that day. We are all keeping him in our thoughts to stay safe!

Maybe someday our paths will cross too!


I was the luckiest person around to be able to take a class with Crystal. She is absolutely the nicest & sweetest person ever! I'm glad you both had a chance to spend some time together. Two of my favorite bloggers together -- what a great photo of you both!!

Meri Wiley

I can guarantee you that it would be more exciting for me to meet you than the other way around. You are my estate sale Godess, and I wanna be just like you when I grow up!

Love ya'


I have only had the pleasure of meeting bloggers that live close by but have been so lucky to find them all very delightful (including you!). You are fortunate to meet such great people from other areas. glad you guys had fun together!


That's a very cute pic of the two of you! I was able to meet Crystal when she was doing a show here in Minneapolis. Boy it's hard to choose one of her little creations when they are all spread out on a table in front of you! lol I wanted them all! In the end I chose a sweet mushroom girl!
Blogging friends are just the best!
Erica :)

Janet Johnson

Wow! I am impressed. I'll bet she loved your studio.

I remember the first time I saw you at a rummage sale. I thought it was you, pretty sure it was you and it was. I don't remember calling you "Ethel" though I might have.

Anyway, I'm glad you have a fun day.

Curtains In My Tree

Blog land friends are the best, I have not met one yet that I didn't feel a connection to
Even some of them feel like a family member

It is a blind date feeling when we first meet LOL

I hope to meet more in person as time goes on


James Taylor sings a song where part of the lyric say, 'Perfect strangers call you by name'. It makes me smile to hear you say you are recognized in public you sweet thing!


I know what you mean! One day I hope to meet you in person. I already feel like you are
a friend. :o)
Off to school for the first day with the little ones!

Into Vintage

I bet Crystal was pretty thrilled to step inside your awesome studio and behold all of that eye candy! She is lovely and it's so fun to know you two amazing Vintage Crafters met in person. I heart the internet!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

FUN FUN FUN. Hoping that I will still get to see you when I get to Portland.


I promise, someday I will get to Portland and meet you and take a tour of that jaw dropping studio! (I told you I dreamt about coming there and meeting you and touring your studio right? Your studio was in an airstream trailer. Weird!) Anyway, you do already feel like a friend and I wanna go estate sale shopping with you! Or you come here and we will go to some Kansas auctions!

Carol Tootalian

Awe - two of my favorite ladies! It would be a dream come true to see each of you in person. What a wonderful picture.

Carol (Michigan)

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