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August 13, 2013



Well of course you collect vintage picnic utensils. Doesn't everyone? Ha!

Maddie has claimed all of the little spoons you have sent with my Etsy packages. She says they are the perfect size for her American Girl dolls.


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I've picked up a few of these, because I figured since I collect picnic tins why not the utensils! Great collection Laurie, especially the pastel ones!


I love the pastels and those ice cream spoons bring back great memories! You are a hoot Laurie! karen...


Love your little thank you spoons! You are so right about the super-sizing. I have noticed that the dinner plates are even bigger in some of the modern sets.

Janet Johnson

I'm not a fan of wooden utensils. As a child, I remember leaving a little ice cream on the wooden spoon or stick so I wouldn't feel the wood on my tongue.

I do like your "thank you" spoons. Great idea.

Perfectlyprintedblogspt .com

I'm always amazed at your collections! I've never seen plastic utensils at an estate sale or any other sale for that matter! Love them!!


These are so cute! It's funny about the wooden spoons, my husband was just talking about them the other day, yesterday I was at home sense and here was his set of retro cardboard ice cream cups with the wooden spoons - new that looks like old works sometimes!!

Su Gardner

I love your collection of plastic, I collect
those to along with any kind of plastic from
the 30' - 60's. Do you collect any other
plastic. Love you 'stuff'

Sheryl Remy

I like the wooden spoons unlike plastic they can be composted. Didn't ice cream at the zoo or wherever it was found seem to be such a treat when there was a little cup and a wooden spoon? Take care.

Into Vintage

"The Oval Wood Dish Corporation" is hilarious to me. Maybe the name "The Round Wood Dish Company" was already used. ;-) Do you have a collection of picnic baskets to go with this silverware?

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