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August 20, 2013


Sheryl Remy

I love cards featuring an actual artist's work. Many of today's cards are just photos. I agree that it is sad for some's cherished memories to leave a family but this way all that love flourishes again in another home and the memories live on. Think how tragic it would be to have something like that tossed away or burned.


These are all great, thanks for showing them off! I love the card of the letter carrier cat and the one of the teens with the record player and bottles of pop!

I agree, the weenie roast party sounded great, but I wondered why that particular invitation was used for a casual event - the design showed 19th C people dressed in formal clothes!


I have found several packages of old baby shower invites, but never birthday party ones. My dilemma is whether or not to open them! I would love to use them someday for Hanna (hint, hint if she is reading this comment).




Very cute! Why did "cute" go out of style? And I don't think you'd have to advise guests to wear sports clothes today!


They couldn't be sweeter!
OK, so I see that you have "given us all permission" to remove the cards and scraps from these books. LOL There is a beautiful one that I've had my eye on (at my local antique store) but I couldn't decide if it would be a sin to remove everything...which is what I would want to do. I just might have to see if it's still there!
Thanks! Erica :)

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Those are so cute. Remember when we used to get dressed up to go to a birthday party as kids?

Musings from Kim K.

Oh my goodness. Those invitations are absolutely precious. My favorite is the 1939 invite, but Josie would love the pow wow invite. It reminds me of the wigwam motel that we stayed in on our Route 66 trip. What a fun collection!


These are so cute! Do you have a cocktail party one? I found a few, I'd be glad to send one your way!


The graphics are so cute!! That was when kids were kids, and not trying to adults. I love any with a kitten!


Love these vintage party invitations! My fave are the ones with the kids and party hats and the bunnies on the bicycle. Of course the invitation to the weenie roast and dance is hilarious! I would want to go to that one too.
Cute collection!


Oh so cute! I love the little kitten one. Another adorable collection!

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