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August 27, 2013



How neat! Looks like real glass on the screen! That Target stuff is nice!


Love how you mixed in the old with the new. Now when I do it, I won't feel bad because it has the Magpie Ethel Seal of Approval!

Are you planning on coming to the Coburg Antique Fair on the 8th? Would love to see you.


Janet Johnson

I know I've seen this plastic ware before but I've never really looked at it the way you do. You've opened my eyes -- it is pretty.


Love those closeup photos. These are really fun!


I LOVE when I get introduced to something vintage that I didn't know existed! These are great and I know I'll be on the look out from now on! I have the pink hobnail pitcher from Target, so I guess that's a start! haha
Erica :)


Great collection! I avoid modern plastic but I am drawn to the vintage stuff like a magnet - go figure! I am especially fond of the little covered bath powder boxes and anything with a pierced design.

chris mckinley

Another fun collection!!!


Very cool! I like how I probably wouldn't have known they were plastic had you not said so. I'll have to start keeping an eye out for it.


I would love these for entertaining outdoors! I have a lot of glass cake plates and bowls. The glass ones don't come apart like these plastic ones so they're harder to store plus I love the colors! They have wonderful detailing on them just like the vintage glass ones. I haven't seen much of the colored ones actually.
Thanks for sharing:-)


So beautiful and I love all these colors!!! xo Heather


This post is very interesting, I think my Mom had a clear plate, i'll have to look! These are really pretty, thanks for the info!

Sheryl Remy

I had no idea the plastic ware came in colors. I have always seen the clear. Those patterns really are so much like the glassware. Fantastic.

Su Gardner

love love love it! Wondering how much of that I have passed up without even looking at it. Will be paying attention from now on. It amazes me how you take ordinary and make it look adorable and fun.


Very nice. I don't think I have ever seen those!!!


They all look so awesome together! Great collection Laurie. Sorry I haven't been around - now that I am up and running with my new MacBook, I can go read what I've missed!

Tracy Szulist

Hi ..
I don't know if this is a challenge or not ...but as a child I had a dress up doll thingy ..it was a board/ box that was shiny black and the dolls were flat vinyl and had vinyl clothes ..you put the flat vinyl doll piece on the black shiny box/top ..and then dressed her up with the vinyl clothes ...I remember she had purses ..shoes ..clothes ..and I think their may have been other accessories ...
do you know what it is I am describing ?
I can't remember the name of this ..it was kind of like a game and came in a board game kind of box ...any help on info about this or what it was called ...oh boy would I love to find one of those !
There's a challenge for you :)
Good Luck !
Loving your blog and all your treasures !!

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