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August 23, 2013



Looks like a good score today! Love the herd of reindeer and the tablecloth. I have that exact snowman! I think mine has a pipe though. Got me in the mood to go out tomorrow and dig! There's a few sales around the corner here and some other neighborhood sales :-) I hope I'm going to be lucky like you!! Haven't been to any sales lately.
Have a wonderful weekend :-)


It is fun to hunt! Great score as usual. I like that bird mold too. Never saw one before.

Musings from Kim K.

Yippee for the hoarder house! Lots of fabulous Christmas. I've never seen a cake cover lid with a acorn and leaf pattern. So neat. Next Tuesday, Chris has been instructed to visit a certain estate sale. The pictures advertising the sale are full of vintage toys and vintage Christmas. I'm teaching back to back classes at the University that day. I'm trusting him to find his Magpie Ethel powers that day.


My favorite would definitely have to be the turquoise garland with the Santa picks coming in at a close second. Ever since my honeycomb fruit picks find at Plucky, I have decided that I want to try to collect more. At least I know now that there are different types out there!

Have a great weekend. Forecast is cloudy and 75 degrees for the whole weekend. Guess it's good weather to clean the garage. Gotta make room for more junk!



I spied a little Rudolf mold in there too.

I spied a cute little Rudolf in the molds, too! I usually can tell that what you find will be used for crafting or one of your collections, but....what will you do with the cake cover with that cool acorn? Just curious.


Wow, what great finds!! Love that cute snowman and all the Christmas goodies!! The party bags are so cute!! Happy Saturday! xo Heather


That mercury glass garland eludes me! I love it but never find it. I do have some, but I need more. Ha. Don't we all????

I have too many of those little molds myself, but I cannot resist them if I see them at a sale. They are nearly always in a tidy stack of at least 6-12 and only 25¢-50¢. So, I HAVE to buy them! I'm thinking of doing something really radical with them. BAKING IN THEM!


That house must be something to see! I won't be getting out today since I have the little girls coming over but maybe tomorrow afternoon. Where is this place??

Su Gardner

WOW! You really hit the jackpot. Love the
molds and the turquoise (sp) garland.

Janet Johnson

I love that acorn knob. It can't be original, can it? I'm like one of your other readers -- I never (hardly ever) find glass bead garlands. I just figure that it all just gravitates your direction... like a magnet.
It was a great day for junking today.


You did pretty good Laurie.
Pixie Land, that brings back a flood of memories. We hit that a few times on our way to Lincoln City. It sure would have been fun if that place could have made it.
Talk to you later!


What a haul!! I found a bird with a missing tail last week too!!

Meri Wiley

Egads I'm just throwing up with jealousy! Yes, I'd be ecstatic if you'd send those turquoise beads my way.......wink, wink. Why oh why don't I live in Oregon???? Oh yeah, because rain is a killer for my medical conditions......poop. Oh well, I'll just keep being envious of you. Please, please let me know if there's a little something from my studio you'd like to have that I can throw into the box of goodies I'm collecting for you.



Glass bead envy! There's just never enough of that, is there?


That was a great pile of glass beads to find! Love the tinsel ribbon and the table cloth too! Well all of it of course. You are so right...when I head out to a sale I always think "I love that I DON'T KNOW what I'm coming home with right now"! lol
It's so thrilling! :)
Thanks for sharing!
Erica :)

Sheryl Remy

I have found a bird without tail too. I was wondering if fishing line cut into the right length and multiplied would work as a tail substitute. Just a thought. I have the cake keeper and the acorn is original is you want to share that information with Janet. Have a great day.


Oh hoarders...I think most of us can completely understand how it starts. Sounds like this house was SUPER packed. Love all your finds, but I'm most jealous of your turquoise mercury glass garland. Such a pretty color.

Into Vintage

I grew up with that same cake cover with the walnut handle -- had forgotten all about it.
:-) I'm trying to imagine how packed a house must be that is has rooms 'they could not get to.' WOW.


Love all the little molds!!! I have some and want to put them all in a glass jar.


Of course you'd know what I love the best - the reindeer! Can never have too many of those... they seem to flock to you in droves!

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