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August 16, 2013



What a haul! I'm like speechless now. I can't believe how much holiday stuff you got! Love the elephant cart and the pressed cardboard bunny. I love Summer but looking at the Christmas goodies is making me want to pull out my Christmas boxes!
Glad you had a great haul!
Good luck (although you don't need it) at your sales tomorrow :-)


What a cute fairy! I'm amazed as usual. Nothing like that in these parts!

Musings from Kim K.

I'm completely green with envy. Chris went to 4 estate sales and came back empty handed this week! Not a single bit of vintage goodness came home in his car. I'm still fantasizing about an Easter and Halloween haul. Your pressed cardboard bunny is gorgeous. I can just see all sorts of possibilities with that spunhead fairy. That pirate game would be a fun display at Halloween too. Good for you. Still jealous though!

Perfectlyprintedblogspt .com

I rarely see Halloween or Easter ornaments at sales! Lucky girl!

Patti M

I love, love, love the fairy....she's my favorite color too....&her hair swept to the side...sigh....exquisite! I'm in love! What is her dress made out of? What do her wings look like close up? Details, girlfriend, details! LOL! Congrats on your haul....hugs Patti M


Great finds! I was able to stop at one sale during my lunch hour yesterday and only made it in to one room because it was so crowded and there was so much. It was an unplanned stop and they only took cash so I quickly blew through the $19 in my purse and had to leave some things behind. Heading over this morning to see what's left. It is the Vickie-O sale in NE.


That Ruth Newton rubber doll looks like she is in perfect condition. She's wonderful! Love all the bright happy holiday stuff too.

I love vintage Easter things. I just spent the morning culling out my bunny collection that I have had since I was in college. Hard to do, but I like other things now. I kept all the vintage ones and the sentimental ones.

The treasure hunt game is great - I can see a bunch of spun head pirates living it it!

Su Gardner

WOW!!!! I'm so jealous. I never find stuff
like that, and so much of it. I love the
pirate game.


Wow, I envy all of your finds. I never find Christmas vintage and you manage to find Christmas, Easter, Halloween and a fairy. I wish estate sales around here had some good stuff. I have a light up Santa like that from my childhood and I saw the little plastic trees that came with it on ebay last year for $400+. Fantastic haul.


Great Job as always! My favorite is the 2.5 ft aluminum tree! That's such a great size! I MUST find one! :)


A great haul! (That bad sale must have been REALLY BAD to merit capital letters!) Glad all went well in the end, and I love that elephant!


Wow, what great holiday finds!! Love the silver tinsel tree!! xo Heather

Maria (Magia Mia)

Good grief! If there was ever a poster child for the merits of estate sales, you would sooo be it!

Way too much fun paper goods for one person to handle. All those boxes of little Shiny Brights too. Oy!

Sheryl Remy

I can't pick just one favorite thing. I love the pressed cardboard bunny, the little blue fairy and the flower book. I went to a church sale on Saturday. I came home with a cradle that was metal with lithograph pictures. There were bells underneath. I'm guessing to sound when the cradle was rocked. They don't work any more. Keep up the hunt.

Melissa's Antiques

I hope I can get my hands on some Halloween stuff soon! I've only got a couple months left!


Hi Laurie~
Soooo fun! I'm totally in love with the graphics on that paper flower making book. Looove it soooo much!!
Thanks so much for stopping by the other day... I think you're the only one that did. :) (I guess I should post more often!) It's always fun to hear from you, my friend.


Love that little squeaky gal. She's so dang cute!

You definitely made up for that first sale being a dud. I am still holding out for my great holiday haul of the Summer. Time's running out!



I LOVE the fairy!!! The tinsel tree is awesome to!!!


More wonderful finds... wowzers! I adore the cardboard bunny - I've only ever seen them standing upright!

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