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August 07, 2013



Great haul! Don't know anything about that creamer. It is small? Maybe part of a child's toy set? Does looks very old.


The chick pitcher looks like it may be a Roseville pottery piece. Fantastic finds!


That is a Roseville Juvenile Pitcher. So adorable! Looks like they sell for pretty good cash. But, I can also picture it in your green kitchen. What a fun assortment of things you found - I love boxes of stuff. The best things in the box are often things no one else appreciates but me.

Musings from Kim K.

I'm super impressed that you managed to fit in an estate sale before your fun road trip. My husband has decided that the digger type estate sales are his favorite kind. Love his k-12 summer schedule. I've got a wish list for tomorrow and Friday's estate sales while I'm at work. Love the idea of a beach house. Your future beach house will have so many fabulous collections!!


Wow! I had to get another cup of coffee to look at this post LOL! You had a rival there and still got all these fun things? Those sailor hats are darling! Looking at those Christmas items is making me want to craft now :-) Glad you scored some tags you didn't have...love how it says you save .26 so they're only .49! Can you imagine? Well, looks like Seaside was meant to be for your beach house! I love old scrapbooks too. So much love and memories in them. Can't help you with the chick pitcher. Never seen one before. I feel like I'm watching a soap opera with your blog. I can't wait for your next posting now Hee Hee Hee.
Thanks for brightening my mornings!


Awesome that you found great things despite the competition and the limited time frame! You are the master...

My favorite has to be the reindeer stickers! Too cute! So glad the other commentors got you the info you were looking for on that darling pitcher. Well done!

Sheryl Remy

Did I spy a "floatie pen" in one of your pictures? The kind of pen that has liquid in the top section and then something that will float to either side depending on how the pen is held. I have a friend who collects these pens and has always said when she passes everyone who attends the luncheon can take one as a favor/reminder of her.


You did well for digging and having competition! Love, love the little chick pitcher!!


Some great things!! Love the Christmas goodies!!! Happy sweet and crafty day to you! xo Heather


Love the sailor hats! Looks like you did pretty well considering you had a bit of competition. I'm not good with that. I either could care less or freak out, no middle ground with me. I would probably have been bent out of shape at what I missed. Glad you could keep it together!


Your Magpie-radar was clearly on point despite the competition. That pitcher is a great score. I never cease to be amazed at what some folks see as junk. I like that kind of sale, as well, and guess that is why I love my "poke sacks". You just never know what will turn up.

Janet Johnson

I've been looking for a sailor hat to go with my sailor shirt.
I don't know anything about the chick pitcher but it is cute! It may be Roseville.
I feel like I've been playing "I Spy" trying to see everything. You got some great stuff.


Aaaaargh! Don't you hate getting to a sale after your nemesis? Mine smirks at me when it happens to me. Why can't people just be nice?

I love those sailor hats. My grandpa was in the navy and I have one of his. It is definitely one of my most cherished possessions. He gave it to me long before he died. Thank God because if he hadn't, who knows what would have happened to it.

Ready to get Plucky?



Ever hear the expression, "You walk in sh*t"? Well, you do! And for some reason, according the expression, that's a good thing!! Something to do with being lucky.

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